January 07, 2008

Basketball, Coffee Shop & Back Scratching

That's my weekend, in a nutshell...or should I say nuthouse?!
Another weekend gone by...on wings I think.
I still have red stripes on my porch columns. The wreath is by my front door...naked, but still there. My tree is still up, it too naked, save for white lights, which enable me to see while sitting at our kitchen table. In fact, I may leave the thing up as a light fixture I like it so well.
Too tired to really write much...hahahaahah...right you say.

trivial facts:

Might snow tonight??
And we are in the 24th sunspot cycle which is the "lean" part of the cycle.

Petie needs his toenails trimmed and Alec needs his unibrow shaved. Mark probably needs his nosehair trimmed, Andrew is growing a sporadic hopscotch of hairs all over his face and my hairs are fine...except my head which is like a fluffy chicks ass anyway, as you ALL KNOW!

Steel Magnolias is on.

I need to go to bed.

I itched all night last night...for NO APPARENT REASON! shit! give me a REASON at least!

I am craving a COKE and Rice and Raisin pudding NO NOT TOGETHER PEOPLE! I wish I craved exercise and hot water and lemon and rice cakes instead...double SHIT on fat and food!!

I felt mean and nasty and have been teasing Pissin Petie by saying, gleefully, "Wanna take a baaathhh??? and then quickly acting like I'm going to pick him up and saying, "Let's go take a bathhyyy!!" Pissin' Petie then raises his lip like Elvis and growls at me and then cries. gawd it's funny!!!!! So he will need pet therapy...sooooo whatttttt...join the rest of this family!@!

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