January 28, 2008

Leave Us Alone Asswipe! We Are Shopping!

Well, I haven't been posting for awhile.
I just don't have the time. Or I just don't make the time anymore. Besides...I'm boring anyway.
I have been tied to work, wrestling matches, basketball and whatnot. Whatnot meaning the damn laundry, the shitty bathroom cleaning stuffs, changing the toilet paper roll in EVERY DAMN BATHROOM I GO INTO! WTF is that all about?! AND last but not least...planning a ritual killing of a parrot if he DOESN'T STOP SHITTING ALL OVER HIS CAGE!!! damn that parrot...damn him to hell! Sure, he's cute and he talks and he sometimes says, "I like beer!" and "Cawfee!" and "Hi Turkey!" but he's still a SLOB!
Went shopping yesterday with Mom and Cindy Sue. We went to North Platte. We had a hoot, ate at Whiskey Creek, went to the mall (where we got our asses chewed by a man who was NOT our husbands about spending money without thought!).
It was if our husbands had hired this man to follow us and harass us.
Unfortunate for him he got the Stagemeyer glare from not one but three women and he veered off towards a corner with his tail between his legs. At least I hope that was his tail...hmmmmmmmm Anyway, he better think twice before he starts his tired pathetic speech in our direction. We are WOMEN, we are SHOPPING, LEAVE US ALONE ASSWIPE!

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