January 28, 2008

Sweating Techtard

Okay, I forgot to tell you. I exercised tonight. chuhhhh and it was NOT pretty! I waddled my big ol ass into the sunroom and climbed onto the eliptical that is slightly broken but still works. I put on my little ipod and listened to all sorts of music...from rap to cheerleading routines to Mitch Miller sings "White Christmas". I think I even had June Carter Cash singing Wildflower which is not an inspiring song to work out to...sigh
I am technologically endowed just enough to put headphones on, stick them into the "pod" and push play (though the pressure of a finger must be just so to turn the damn thing on AND directly centered) BUT I cannot delete songs from the playlist. So...therefore, every song I have on my apple is now on my pod.
Anyway, I did work up a sweat. And I have not had a snack since supper. Even though Mark is drinking a beer and eating popcorn. I HAVE NOT HAD A BEER even though it seems like a not so bad idea. I do have a slight...ahem ahem ahem cough and could use something "medicinal" to soothe my throat...hmmmmmmm

m u s t r e s i s t
m u s t r e s i s t
M U S T R E S I S T!

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