January 03, 2008

Talk About Sex Leads to Free Time!

I like to take a nice soft hot bath with Calgon "peaceful orchard" scent bath beads, read a few pages from an old dog earred book, put on baby lotion, and soft jammies, go downstairs, fix a drink like a glass of wine, a crown and coke or something like that, get a little salty snack, sit on the side of the couch, read my book with the tv on low, eat my snack and sip my drink, while everyone else is in bed. I usually have to stay up so late to fullfill this little fantasy that I'm too tired to enjoy it.
Tonight, all was in place and then...THE VACUUM arrived (I like to call Alec that because he eats everything in sight from 3:30pm until 11 pm, just sucks it all in) to have his back scratched. Alec, who had already eaten the newly purchased groceries (TODAY!!) needed a back rub AND a back scratch tonight. Finally I started to talk about babies and how cute they were but what a lot of work they were and then I started in on "keep the pickle in the pocket" kind of talk. That was all it took...he left. Gawd...how easy. Now I know how to get my free time in. Talk about contraception. I should have known.

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Molly said...

Very well written. I love it.
I guess about the time you can't fill them up is when they have other things on their minds as well as food.