January 08, 2008

Wrestle Maniac Mama

Had a short night that led to a donkey ass long day. Petie had a pissin' frenzy and wanted outside to pee every damn hour or so during the night. WHAT AN ASS!!
Mark took Andrew to the surgeon for a visit today and the Dr. felt his knee was healed and well and really he left it up to the physical therapist as to when Andrew can wrestle. Maybe as soon as Saturday, Mark told me. I flapped my jaw and threw my hands around and said "WHAT!", and "I CANT GO TO THE MEET ON SATURDAY!", and "OH MY GAWD!" and Mark stated, "I can't be there on Saturday either." just as calm as a highly sedated sloth.
I can't bear the thought of him wrestling without us there. Not only for the "watching" but for the fact that he hasn't been able to do anything sportswise since the first 4 seconds of the first football game of the season when he BLEW OUT HIS KNEE and I am just sick that he could get hurt again. I don't think I can watch. I just don't think I can and I also can't bear to not watch. ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh

am tired now

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