February 23, 2008

Nurse or Curse

People have been asking me if I miss nursing lately. I do and I don't. Way to ride the fence I guess. Okay...things I miss:
I miss feeling like I was helping people everyday...or at least attempting to help people. I guess I miss feeling needed or like I made a difference in someones life.
I miss the wounds...I know...I know - GROSS...but I can't help it.
I miss feeling my brain stretch and grow. Seems it's just stuck in idle now. Probably on the downhill slide toward dementia. Perimenapausal deterioration sigh
I miss the excitement, the joy of it all. Healing, death...strangly both have their own different joys. Sometimes there is more joy around when someone is dying. The people get closer, issues are resolved, things are put in persepctive.
I can't say I miss the people I met because I meet people everyday here.
I don't miss being on call.
I don't miss feeling stupid if I didn't know something.
I don't mis the political bullshit of an organization such as a hospital.
I don't miss the stench of shit and other vile oders.

February 20, 2008


OH MY GAWD. I found my new love. It's called MY SHOCKING STORY on Discovery Channel. Tonight, during supper (I never have the TV on at mealtime but THERE MUST BE AN EXCEPTION NOW!!!) we watched (me, not my Mom because she was super dooper grossed out...especially eating the broccoli cauliflower soup) okay we watched...HALF MAN HALF TREE. You MUST watch this. I feel soooo sorry for this guy. At the same time I want to go to his house and pick off his warts. I'm obsessed now. Watch this video. gawd...I need medication...sigh...


Almost a Spider...

Okay, I'm so tired I keep falling asleep but I had to tell you about the show I'm watching. It's called...ta dahhhh....Born Different! Are you surprised? It's about freak animals. Like, two headed turtles, cows with two extra legs...meaning they have 6 LEGS!, an albino two headed "black snake"...and maybe more bizarre animals coming up after the commercial.
It's pretty gross and I LOVE it!
All I can think of though, while watching the cows ambling along with extra limbs swinging by their necks and poking out of their sides is the beef recall that is in the news now.

Getting along

Been missing Dad lately. We found a bunch of old pictures the other day. Pics of Mom and Dads wedding, Dad at the grocery store sale, Moms brothers and sisters and Mother in the front lawn of grandmas house. Brought back a flood of memories. Sometimes it's just easier to get through he days by being superficial.

February 13, 2008

Cold and Dirty

Katie called. She said it's been so cold in Omaha that she doesn't want to haul her laundry from her dorm apartment up the hill to the laundromat. She told me she has worn everything she owns (at least once).
I fear the stench.
She said today, in fact, it was so cold and she had no clean clothes, that she drove to Target and bought a pair of jeans.


It boggles the mind.

February 10, 2008

Twins? or Kissin' Cousins?

Mark said someone on the Creighton Bluejay message board compared UNL's basketball coach Doc Sadler with Billy Bob Thorntons retarded character on Slingblade. You be the judge.

February 08, 2008

Nice Bra!

If you are a WINO and I think you know who I mean...wink...wink...wink...then check out THIS BRA!

February 06, 2008

Hello, My Name Is Cheryl McCLardy

...and I want to thank you dear Heartland Tours for making me a nametag that states that so very,very plainly. I mean to tell you that was handier than a watch pocket in a pair of silk underwear! Let's just say I met someone(on the RING OF FIRE tour bus) and in the course of our conversation I told them my name was Cheryl McCLardy and later on when those people would see me again and had forgotten my name then that beautiful golden, glowing name tag was there, pinned to my robust, wishing for perkiness chest just perched there happily reminding those that had forgotten my handle. HELLO, MY NAME IS CHERYL MCLARDY! Thank you, thank you and yet, Thank you again!

February 03, 2008

Boring Bedsores and Birthday Bashes

I've spent the last few days flat out in the recliner with an "itis" of some sort. Probably the bronch and sinus kind (at least) so I've watched tons and tons and tons of TV. Mostly just half of shows though as I tend to drift off in the middles. I watched a show about life in Iraq...all subtitled, Little Miss Sunshine, The Girl in the Cafe, Some Chinese docudrama with subtitles, Bud Greenspans Olympic something or other...a whole bunch of times, Some kind of dwarf show called the Littlest Mom, there were smatterings of Star wars type things and Indiana Jones movies and the Matrix and other things I normally wouldn't watch but was too tired to get to the "clicker".
Anyway, it's a wonder I don't have a bedsore. I feel somewhat better now. Mom came over last night and made us a birthday supper for Mark. I had every intention of making it but didn't really feel up to it yet. It was good, although I can't taste anything yet so I go by the fact that my mom makes everything good.
Mark had to work all night and when supper was over there were kids playing Rock Band and I let them sing me to sleep. So, another wild night at the McCurdy household.