February 03, 2008

Boring Bedsores and Birthday Bashes

I've spent the last few days flat out in the recliner with an "itis" of some sort. Probably the bronch and sinus kind (at least) so I've watched tons and tons and tons of TV. Mostly just half of shows though as I tend to drift off in the middles. I watched a show about life in Iraq...all subtitled, Little Miss Sunshine, The Girl in the Cafe, Some Chinese docudrama with subtitles, Bud Greenspans Olympic something or other...a whole bunch of times, Some kind of dwarf show called the Littlest Mom, there were smatterings of Star wars type things and Indiana Jones movies and the Matrix and other things I normally wouldn't watch but was too tired to get to the "clicker".
Anyway, it's a wonder I don't have a bedsore. I feel somewhat better now. Mom came over last night and made us a birthday supper for Mark. I had every intention of making it but didn't really feel up to it yet. It was good, although I can't taste anything yet so I go by the fact that my mom makes everything good.
Mark had to work all night and when supper was over there were kids playing Rock Band and I let them sing me to sleep. So, another wild night at the McCurdy household.

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