March 31, 2008

Blue Man Group & One Last Rant (maybe)

Mark and I went to the BLUE MAN GROUP show last night in Omaha. I got him tickets for Christmas. We went up Saturday about 3pm. We talked about the Alec situation the whole time it took us to drive there. Very tender subject. I am wondering if Alec may need a little surgery on his lip...I hope it will not be deformed, but right now it it still edematous and looks grossly malformed on the inside. I guess something is bothering me...duh right...We have not heard word one from the kid who did this or his parents. No call or visit or explanation or anything. I don't understand. Do you remember the "Penis Ain't Art" episode we had with Andrew (one of many lovely episodes I might add)? We marched Andrew right down to the graffiti shoe owner, after calling the parental units to see if we could visit, and Andrew accepted responsibility for his actions, apologized, assured the family that his artistic flair would not be gracing any more shoes and the air was cleared. New shoes were ordered and Andrew delivered them. We also obtained the "damaged" shoe and cleaned it thoroughly. Of course that was just the punishment we gave him. He also got 2 or 3 days of in school suspension for that act of stupidity. The same amount of punishment as say someone who happens to render someone unconscious and inflict the amount of damage that Alec received. Okay, I'll quit ranting. NOT. I guess what it all comes down to for me is this:

1) Alec did not die of asphyxiation, he did not fall on his back and choke on the blood from his shredded lip or shards of teeth that cracked off his molars. He suffered no broken bones that we know of. He did suffer permanent dental impairment. Brain damage from lack of oxygen?? Hard to say...ha ha.

2) No one has accepted responsibility for causing the injuries to Alec, at least not in front of or to us, the parents. I guess it takes alot of cahoonies to do something like that. It shows respect and maturity and to me, shows that the person is truly sorry for what they have done. The parents included. I would feel better, somewhat, if they came and talked to us.

Now, I must say, go to the BLUE MAN GROUP if you have a chance, and you like percussion. They were awesome and are a very creative talented group. Of course, I sat by the drunk, loud, twitchy woman who had a pound of french fries and whispered loudly and beerily into my face, "I'm a smoker, hack hackhack, so I've go to keep these fries handy hahhahahaha hack hack hack" as she speared one into ketchup and sucked on it while twitching and flinging her stringy hair around pretending to smoke a stick of potatoe. I guess I should give her kudos for not smoking.

The show got over about 10pm and we got home around 2am. ugh ugh ugh I shut the alarm off at 4:30 and thought...time to make the donuts.

March 28, 2008

Get It Right

Alec is unable to eat totally solid food yet. His lip is swollen out like he's in a serious pout. He continues to have some swelling to his face. He lost another suture inside his lip and it looks like mashed up pulpy watermelon. His chin looks better. He seems more himself today though.
Every time I think of someone choking my kid until he loses consciousness and then just letting him drop onto his face on a the school track no less...during school track time...I get PISSED OFF AS HELL!!! I get mad, sad and totally at a loss at what to do or say. I feel like it was partly accidental...I want to believe that, but a kid...hell....a man the age of 18 should know better than to pull someone, a 14 year old kid, up by their neck from a sitting position to a standing position and then to just, let go of the person and let them fall face down...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD...I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT. Something else that burns me up is that I never heard the real truth from the administration on the day it happened OR the day after it happened when I talked to them. I only heard the filtered truth from them and then, when I called the next day, and told them I'd heard from several, several people that the incident was not an accidental 'SHOVE' but a SLEEPER HOLD...A DAMN CHOKE HOLD applied to my son until he passed out. Then, I was told that Yes, an accidental sleeper hold had been applied and it was accidental, because the administration was sure that the person didn't even know what a CHOKE HOLD was and that he, himself, was not aware of what a CHOKE HOLD could do....he was unaware that you could choke someone unconscious....YAH RIGHT...HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK I AM!!!!!!! and that he'd punished the other kid anyway and did I know that my son Alec has been known to mouth off to the older kids?? I CAN TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT THAT has no bearing on anything. If my 14 year old son mouthed off to an 18 year old man, does he deserve to be put in a choke hold until he passes out?? Does he deserve to have a mouthful of broken teeth?? Does he deserve to have root canals and caps and dead teeth and crowns and ALMOST ALL his permanent molars to be cracked and broken and replaced?? Does he deserve to have YEARS OF DENTAL WORK because it's going to take YEARS!!! Does he??? Also, Alec did not "mouth" off to this person AT ALL. That statement was thrown in to try and put some blame on my kid. That statement almost put me in the red zone. I suppose if a girl got raped the administration would say, oh we are sorry but did you know the girl wears short shorts?? That kind of statement is BULLSHIT. Just like a lot of things going on. I have just about had enough of it.

Teens & The Choking Game

Asphyxiation behavior known among our youth as 'The Choking Game' or 'The Pass out Game'. An
activity kids see as a 'game' is becoming increasingly popular and increasingly dangerous
as children take it on as a solo venture.

75% of parents have no knowledge of Asphyxia Activity (aka The Choking Game).

Have you witnessed kids (elementary - high school aged) laughing and
giggling as they choke each other?

Have you heard adolescents or pre-teens talk out 'passing someone out'
or someone 'passing (them) out' or being 'choked out' ?

Have you noticed red linear marks and/ or bruising on an adolescents'
neck? Did they avoidanswering questions? Tried to cover the marks?

Does an adolescent have an interest in knots, ligatures, or how long they
can hold their breath to get a 'funny feeling' or rush? Or alternative
method of getting a high/ buzz?

If you can answer YES to ANY of these - Please browse through become
informed - someone you know may be at risk for participating in asphyxia activity (aka The
Choking Game) and may be unknowingly taking a their life in their hands.

The majority of teens and pre-teens participating have a happy disposition and are popular
intelligent honor roll students. They are engaged in sports, church groups and other
activities. Chances are they have learned how to 'play' from a peer and since it's not a drug
or illegal and they are notbeing educated to the dangers, they consider it's safe and
(reported from the teens themselves) "just passing out - not a big deal".

Parents, Educators, and law enforcement officials need to be educated about the ever
growing popularity of this deadly activity in order for our children to be safe.

The Choking Game by any of the following aliases

5 Minutes of Heaven
7 Minutes 'Til Heaven
Fainting game
Flatline game
Hanging Game
High Break
Hyperventilation games
Purple Dragon
Sleeper Hold
Sleeping Game

Black Hole
Black out game
Breath Play
Choke Out
Choking Game
Dream Game

Snuff (out)
Speed Dreaming
Suffocation game
Suffocation roulette
Tap out
Teen choking game
Tingling game
Twitching Game

and variations(hyper-ventilation, self- induced asphyxia and auto-erotic asphyxia)can be, and often by a lone child has been, fatal.
Asphyxia activity is known all over this country, Canada and the world. There's a great chance that your child or grandchild, niece or nephew has already heard of it and has tried it or may be enticed to play it. Children as young as 6 years old have explained it to shocked parents. They don't know the deadliness or the dangers of permanent disabling brain damage, they think it's fun, safe and silly. Please help by signing the petition below. The life you save in the future may be a child who means the world to you.
A Petition for D.A.R.E and Elementary/ Middle School Health Programs to incorporate Asphyxia Activity into the cirricula has begun to circulate - Show them we insist on keeping our children safe -
Sign Here or

Please feel free to post this link on your own blog or website and forward it to your address book! The more signatures, the bigger the impact!

March 27, 2008

Yes Virginia, There Might Be A Problem

Alec's little episode may not be entirely without premeditation. I am dumb and not aware of all the new "games" that kids play. I've been hearing(today) about the choking game. Kids choke, pass out, wake up. WTF??? Is this FUN?? What in the hell happened to Red Rover Red Rover, and Mother May I?, and Dodge Ball, and Line Tag and for that matter, Freeze Tag??? Is choking FUN??? If it is then I must be a dud because if someone choked me until I passed out I would NOT THINK THAT WAS FUN, nor would I think choking someone else would be fun. I would think that would be a crime. Attempted murder to be exact. Anyway, I don't know the true story of what happened to Alec, for sure, but I think I have a pretty damn good idea. AND I AM NOT HAPPY!!! If kids are going around choking one another, at school, THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED!! I really hate the idea of sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the obvious. I found this info and I'm going to be looking for more. This is a dangerous game folks. Please address it with your school and let's hope they all initiate some education related to this before someone dies.

March 26, 2008

Cliff Notes of Recent Life & FO BP

1) Easter dinner = pie intoxication and ass inflation
2) Must Camp on the Big Muddy...see pictures
3) Alec = Facial Smash and Dentist Dream boy and Sprained Jaw with Chin Scruff due to Asinine Boy Tossing Game
4) That means Alec got turfed into the track by a playful shove and received 8 stitches inside his mouth and chipped ALL his permanent molars and will need 5,000 crowns and perhaps braces(again) and has a crooked face and may never look the same again or be able to chew the same again or have his own teeth...sigh...gummer on the horizon.
5) Pickles, our 14 year old cat may have a tumor and be finally dying.
6) I bought a BOX of sangria and must be turning into my mother
7) Made up a fabulous tasting sandwich at the shop today...lasagna panini...DAMN IT WAS GUD...
8) am thinking about buying a fat reducing bodysuit while drinking boxed wine
9) must go to bed

March 19, 2008

I Suck

Well, I can't seem to keep up my blogging anymore. After I got back from seeing Katie, I became "sick as a dawg" so tells Cindy Sue to everyone she sees. Actually, I was sick with something I think was influenza and I'm still hacking yet. I had terrifically bad aches, pains and fatigue too. I must say after laying around for a week in the recliner and watching TV that I discovered something. And that wardrobe is horrific! I need help. I watched a marathon of "WHAT NOT TO WEAR". Shit...I could be the worst one yet. I could be the "best of the worst" on that show. My wardrobe consists of T shirts, fat ass jeans and one pair I have saved from Junior high in hopes of inspiration, ugly old fuzzy, scratchy Christmas sweaters, several jillion button up shirts that will not button across my jugs, 50,000 socks that do not match, underwear ranging in size from mammy panty to 3 axe handles and a shoebox wide, Capri pants that fit me like regular pants, my old prom dresses and the several maid of honor poufs that I wore, 12 pairs of panty hose with tears and fizzles, lots of pajama pants and a million pairs of biking shorts with big old padded crotches and bicycle shirts that hug all of my curves, rolls and lard accenting my obesity to a maximum. That's enough for now.

March 09, 2008

Cluster Cleaning Freaking Week!!

Don't know why I haven't been posting except for the fact that I've been FREAKING BUSY WITH TWO OR THREE EXCLAMATION POINTS BEHIND IT!!!! We closed the shop for a week to spring clean and I'm telling you what. My staff ROCKS !! I cannot believe what they accomplished. My shop has never been so clean and fresh. I am truly blessed with wonderful employees. Now, enough of that. I took a day and jetted to Omaha with Cindy Sue to see Katie. She seemed homesick but I must wonder if she was really just out of clean clothes. We went malling and she got a shitload of stuff. When Cindy and I first got to Omaha it was about 9pm and we wanted to eat supper. So...we called Katie, picked her up and took her to Old Chicago...actually she steered us there. There, Cindy and I got a little faced and embarrassed Katie...(I hope). Then, after we mowed down a pizza and nachos and gargantuan beers we went to the HYVEe that Katie uses and Cindy and I each bought a 6 pack of beer. Nothing else. We dropped Katie off at her dorm, she didn't want to stay with us old broads...I don't get it. Anyway...we drove down 72nd street and suddenly I recognized a motel. I'd stayed there before. Embassy Suites! f YES! I love that place. Anyway, we got a million dollar room complete with our own soft and CLEAN bedding (no flaming spooey thank you very much!) and we each placed out own 6 pack of beer at bedside and we rented JUNO on the TV. We were too full to drink more than a beer but it looked funny anyway! The movie is more for younger audience but we stayed awake and watched anyway. When we got upt he next morning we shopped until we dropped for Katie. I few items for us. Then we headed home. Which we got there about midnight.
After I went in, kissed Mark hello, the boys in bed, I headed off to the shop to unload the stuff I got for there. Then, Ikept on working, I moved one thing and it led to me moving another thing and that led to another and so on and so on...I ended up working all night down there. It's a good thing though, because it took us ALL WEEK TO CLEAN!
I AM SICK OF CLEANING!! Except I would have loved to clean Katie's bathroom...gag.

note to self...send toilet paper to Katie

Grave Decorating

Mom and I went to decorate Dad's grave today. Put up spring flowers and took down the roses that mom called "winter". The wind was blowing so fiercely we wonder if the flowers will stay put in the vase. Mom stuffed them with some paper and we will hope for the best. We drove around then and looked at all the graves. I actually like our cematary. It's quite old with some really neat old tombstones.
Dad is gone now almost 9 months. I remember the awfulness of it all in waves. There was good too. Lots of good. I never spent so much time with Dad until the last two years of his life. I'm glad we were able to keep Dad at home. It was hard, but why must everything be easy.