March 31, 2008

Blue Man Group & One Last Rant (maybe)

Mark and I went to the BLUE MAN GROUP show last night in Omaha. I got him tickets for Christmas. We went up Saturday about 3pm. We talked about the Alec situation the whole time it took us to drive there. Very tender subject. I am wondering if Alec may need a little surgery on his lip...I hope it will not be deformed, but right now it it still edematous and looks grossly malformed on the inside. I guess something is bothering me...duh right...We have not heard word one from the kid who did this or his parents. No call or visit or explanation or anything. I don't understand. Do you remember the "Penis Ain't Art" episode we had with Andrew (one of many lovely episodes I might add)? We marched Andrew right down to the graffiti shoe owner, after calling the parental units to see if we could visit, and Andrew accepted responsibility for his actions, apologized, assured the family that his artistic flair would not be gracing any more shoes and the air was cleared. New shoes were ordered and Andrew delivered them. We also obtained the "damaged" shoe and cleaned it thoroughly. Of course that was just the punishment we gave him. He also got 2 or 3 days of in school suspension for that act of stupidity. The same amount of punishment as say someone who happens to render someone unconscious and inflict the amount of damage that Alec received. Okay, I'll quit ranting. NOT. I guess what it all comes down to for me is this:

1) Alec did not die of asphyxiation, he did not fall on his back and choke on the blood from his shredded lip or shards of teeth that cracked off his molars. He suffered no broken bones that we know of. He did suffer permanent dental impairment. Brain damage from lack of oxygen?? Hard to say...ha ha.

2) No one has accepted responsibility for causing the injuries to Alec, at least not in front of or to us, the parents. I guess it takes alot of cahoonies to do something like that. It shows respect and maturity and to me, shows that the person is truly sorry for what they have done. The parents included. I would feel better, somewhat, if they came and talked to us.

Now, I must say, go to the BLUE MAN GROUP if you have a chance, and you like percussion. They were awesome and are a very creative talented group. Of course, I sat by the drunk, loud, twitchy woman who had a pound of french fries and whispered loudly and beerily into my face, "I'm a smoker, hack hackhack, so I've go to keep these fries handy hahhahahaha hack hack hack" as she speared one into ketchup and sucked on it while twitching and flinging her stringy hair around pretending to smoke a stick of potatoe. I guess I should give her kudos for not smoking.

The show got over about 10pm and we got home around 2am. ugh ugh ugh I shut the alarm off at 4:30 and thought...time to make the donuts.

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