March 09, 2008

Cluster Cleaning Freaking Week!!

Don't know why I haven't been posting except for the fact that I've been FREAKING BUSY WITH TWO OR THREE EXCLAMATION POINTS BEHIND IT!!!! We closed the shop for a week to spring clean and I'm telling you what. My staff ROCKS !! I cannot believe what they accomplished. My shop has never been so clean and fresh. I am truly blessed with wonderful employees. Now, enough of that. I took a day and jetted to Omaha with Cindy Sue to see Katie. She seemed homesick but I must wonder if she was really just out of clean clothes. We went malling and she got a shitload of stuff. When Cindy and I first got to Omaha it was about 9pm and we wanted to eat supper. So...we called Katie, picked her up and took her to Old Chicago...actually she steered us there. There, Cindy and I got a little faced and embarrassed Katie...(I hope). Then, after we mowed down a pizza and nachos and gargantuan beers we went to the HYVEe that Katie uses and Cindy and I each bought a 6 pack of beer. Nothing else. We dropped Katie off at her dorm, she didn't want to stay with us old broads...I don't get it. Anyway...we drove down 72nd street and suddenly I recognized a motel. I'd stayed there before. Embassy Suites! f YES! I love that place. Anyway, we got a million dollar room complete with our own soft and CLEAN bedding (no flaming spooey thank you very much!) and we each placed out own 6 pack of beer at bedside and we rented JUNO on the TV. We were too full to drink more than a beer but it looked funny anyway! The movie is more for younger audience but we stayed awake and watched anyway. When we got upt he next morning we shopped until we dropped for Katie. I few items for us. Then we headed home. Which we got there about midnight.
After I went in, kissed Mark hello, the boys in bed, I headed off to the shop to unload the stuff I got for there. Then, Ikept on working, I moved one thing and it led to me moving another thing and that led to another and so on and so on...I ended up working all night down there. It's a good thing though, because it took us ALL WEEK TO CLEAN!
I AM SICK OF CLEANING!! Except I would have loved to clean Katie's bathroom...gag.

note to self...send toilet paper to Katie

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