March 28, 2008

Get It Right

Alec is unable to eat totally solid food yet. His lip is swollen out like he's in a serious pout. He continues to have some swelling to his face. He lost another suture inside his lip and it looks like mashed up pulpy watermelon. His chin looks better. He seems more himself today though.
Every time I think of someone choking my kid until he loses consciousness and then just letting him drop onto his face on a the school track no less...during school track time...I get PISSED OFF AS HELL!!! I get mad, sad and totally at a loss at what to do or say. I feel like it was partly accidental...I want to believe that, but a kid...hell....a man the age of 18 should know better than to pull someone, a 14 year old kid, up by their neck from a sitting position to a standing position and then to just, let go of the person and let them fall face down...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD...I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT. Something else that burns me up is that I never heard the real truth from the administration on the day it happened OR the day after it happened when I talked to them. I only heard the filtered truth from them and then, when I called the next day, and told them I'd heard from several, several people that the incident was not an accidental 'SHOVE' but a SLEEPER HOLD...A DAMN CHOKE HOLD applied to my son until he passed out. Then, I was told that Yes, an accidental sleeper hold had been applied and it was accidental, because the administration was sure that the person didn't even know what a CHOKE HOLD was and that he, himself, was not aware of what a CHOKE HOLD could do....he was unaware that you could choke someone unconscious....YAH RIGHT...HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK I AM!!!!!!! and that he'd punished the other kid anyway and did I know that my son Alec has been known to mouth off to the older kids?? I CAN TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT THAT has no bearing on anything. If my 14 year old son mouthed off to an 18 year old man, does he deserve to be put in a choke hold until he passes out?? Does he deserve to have a mouthful of broken teeth?? Does he deserve to have root canals and caps and dead teeth and crowns and ALMOST ALL his permanent molars to be cracked and broken and replaced?? Does he deserve to have YEARS OF DENTAL WORK because it's going to take YEARS!!! Does he??? Also, Alec did not "mouth" off to this person AT ALL. That statement was thrown in to try and put some blame on my kid. That statement almost put me in the red zone. I suppose if a girl got raped the administration would say, oh we are sorry but did you know the girl wears short shorts?? That kind of statement is BULLSHIT. Just like a lot of things going on. I have just about had enough of it.

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