March 19, 2008

I Suck

Well, I can't seem to keep up my blogging anymore. After I got back from seeing Katie, I became "sick as a dawg" so tells Cindy Sue to everyone she sees. Actually, I was sick with something I think was influenza and I'm still hacking yet. I had terrifically bad aches, pains and fatigue too. I must say after laying around for a week in the recliner and watching TV that I discovered something. And that wardrobe is horrific! I need help. I watched a marathon of "WHAT NOT TO WEAR". Shit...I could be the worst one yet. I could be the "best of the worst" on that show. My wardrobe consists of T shirts, fat ass jeans and one pair I have saved from Junior high in hopes of inspiration, ugly old fuzzy, scratchy Christmas sweaters, several jillion button up shirts that will not button across my jugs, 50,000 socks that do not match, underwear ranging in size from mammy panty to 3 axe handles and a shoebox wide, Capri pants that fit me like regular pants, my old prom dresses and the several maid of honor poufs that I wore, 12 pairs of panty hose with tears and fizzles, lots of pajama pants and a million pairs of biking shorts with big old padded crotches and bicycle shirts that hug all of my curves, rolls and lard accenting my obesity to a maximum. That's enough for now.

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