March 27, 2008

Yes Virginia, There Might Be A Problem

Alec's little episode may not be entirely without premeditation. I am dumb and not aware of all the new "games" that kids play. I've been hearing(today) about the choking game. Kids choke, pass out, wake up. WTF??? Is this FUN?? What in the hell happened to Red Rover Red Rover, and Mother May I?, and Dodge Ball, and Line Tag and for that matter, Freeze Tag??? Is choking FUN??? If it is then I must be a dud because if someone choked me until I passed out I would NOT THINK THAT WAS FUN, nor would I think choking someone else would be fun. I would think that would be a crime. Attempted murder to be exact. Anyway, I don't know the true story of what happened to Alec, for sure, but I think I have a pretty damn good idea. AND I AM NOT HAPPY!!! If kids are going around choking one another, at school, THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED!! I really hate the idea of sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the obvious. I found this info and I'm going to be looking for more. This is a dangerous game folks. Please address it with your school and let's hope they all initiate some education related to this before someone dies.

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