April 30, 2008

I Got A Present! I Got A Present! I Got A Present!

Well, we got through a busy day at the shop today.  We had to cater a brown bag luncheon for 54.  That is quite a bit of lunch for us to prepare beside what we have at the shop.  I stayed up until about 4 am watching boiling chickens, making stickers, making plans, getting to go bags ready with silverware, napkins etc.  Our menu was homemade chicken salad sandwiches on a homemade bun.  We put slightly roasted, slivered almonds in, water chestnuts, celery, and onion in with lots of chicken.  We made and frosted sugar cookies and I made little stickers with fortunes on them to seal the cookies into a paper sack.  The group also received homemade potato salad and a big of sun chips.  We brought our house blend coffee, Sit Long Talk Much and also a flavored blend of Butterscotch Toffee.  I also brewed tea and served this iced.  whewwwwwwww  Thank goodness for our wonderful helpers.  Afterwards, Cindy Sue and I went for a short bike ride.  It ended up to be 20 miles or so.  My second real ride since March.  I don't think we will do BRAN ride this year but maybe we can do the NUMB ride. The NUMB 2008 ride will be a 270+/- mile loop tour starting and ending in Wahoo, Nebraska.  The strangest thing happened on our ride today.  My eyes always tear up to much when I ride.  I think it is because I wear to small of sunglasses and the wind irritates my eyes.  Soooo I was wiping tears and I just said to Cindy, "I need to get a pair of good sunglasses" and it wasn't more than 20 feet later and waaa laaaahhh there was a perfectly good pair of yellow Ironman sunglasses laying on the side of the road!!  I was like whoooahhhh is this strange or what.  Nothing wrong with them at all.  AND THEY FIT!!  

now...sadly after only 20 miles...I feel a bit tired and my right foot hurts.  Don't know what to do about that yet.  Might need a pad in my cycle shoes.

April 27, 2008

Pissin' Petie Strikes Again!

...but not with piss.  I just so caught Petie stealin' the cat food.  That rotten scoundrel.  I came into the house and wa laa I hear the clickity clack of dog nails on the laundry room floor going 50 mph.  AHAH!! I shouted as Petie came slinking out of the room like he'd been shot from a cannon...might I add...licking his chops wildly.  When I asked him, "Did you eat the cat food??!!"  he smiled, then hid under the coffee table where he's been happily snoozing and alternatively farting for hours now.

gag...there is nothing on this world that smell worse than a dog farting wet cat food scented gas

April 23, 2008

Bidet or Bit O Lay?

Okay, if I get this desparate...just put me out of my misery.  and I thought I needed to get out more.

never mind

April 22, 2008

Race Track Tired

What a day. Full out work until you drop mode then make sure you drop into Mark's vehicle because it's going to take you to Alec's track meet(one hour away)...which by the way will last until 8 pm ish.  Get home and collapse.

I'm losing some really good help at the end of this month.  Two helpers that have been with me from the beginning.  I even cried last week and that isn't something I do so easily.  I dread trying to replace these people.

now what

I realize that my life work will be this shop.  My L i f e will be this shop.  Not nursing, not that, making coffee, sandwiches, selling doo dads, making menus, buying beans and bags and grinders, putting freight away, ordering food, bagging up food, making food, making small talk and missing events because my high school helpers have to be gone for the afternoon, smelling like oilive oil and bacon and wearing frosting in my hair and the side of my jaw, vacuuming and repairing ice machines and making espresso with the perfect crema, wiping tables and sweeping floors, making up fruit smoothie names and making Italian sodas.

Sometimes I'm happy about not being on call and not working as a nurse and sometimes I'm extremely sad.  Sometimes I'm so damn tired I just don't know what I think about anything.

Life is passing by at a record speed.

April 21, 2008

ESPN THIS you curr!

I got home from work and strangely my TV was on.  Pissin' Petie casually yawned and stretched as he slowly unfolded himself from the recliner.   He wondered lazily over to his empty food bowl, stared up at me as if to say, Bitch...get me sum food...NOW!  So of course, I did.  I then proceeded to sit in Pissin Peties recliner and fall dead asleep.  My Mom called around 5 nanoseconds later to mention she was going to McCook and would I like to go and I was like running around half asleep murmuring yes, where am I?, who am I?, where is my coat?  was I asleep? where are you?    You get the drift.  Later Mom came over to pick me up, as I was racing down the highway toward her house...handy that.  I met her back at my house and hopped in.  She was going to the dentist and I would go watch Andrew in his track meet.  I did notice that Andrew had eaten his lunch that I packed him to take to the track meet...for breakfast.  He left the humongous cooler opened, on the counter, ate the wraps, left the chips, ate the candy bars and drank a few Gatorade's and waaa lahhhh.  Apparently he was fortified and didn't want to haul that sweet baby blue cooler/diaper bag around with him.  I don't get why not?  hmmmmm.   Anywhoo  to make a long story longer, he did fair in the pole vault, got 5th in his 300 low hurdles and set a new personal record, which almost made me HURL because he WASN'T  WEARING HIS KNEE BRACE and he hadn't run hurdles since LAST YEAR!!   I swear the coaches are trying to kill my kids and me.  Andrew didn't place in the  200 but his 400 relay got 1st!!  The looked good  He ran the third leg and ran a 57 which was alright  in my book.  Tomorrow, Alec goes 5,000 miles away for his track meet.  Hopefully I can go.   He is going to triple jump, do high and low hurdles and a relay.  I must remember to pack him a lunch.  Maybe he will eat his for breakfast too.

Beer, Track and Bedsheets

Well, what a day.  First off early this morning the telephone rang.  Luckily my crippled ass was up and around and I answered the ring a ding ding before it woke everyone else.  It was a lady looking for my mom...at 8 am...on a Sunday morning...and I JUST KNEW my MOM WAS SCREENING her calls.  I knew this lady wanted Mom to go to  church with her.  and I also knew my Mom was TIRED!!  However I answered politely that no my mommy hadn't spent the night here, and that I thought she was probably okay and at home, that she had been at my house until late.  She said okay and we hung up.  Five freaking minutes later the phone rings, it's for Mark...a script he had to fill, five minutes later the phone rang, it was the lady looking for my mom.  She was almost frantic, "I've called and called and your mom won't answer and where could she be?"  I thought hard, maybe in BED is what I wanted to say.  I told her I would check on my Mom and she said GOOD  like she thought I wouldn't or something.  I then called Mom, between the dozen calls Mark got, and of COURSE SHE ANSWERS THE PHONE.  I was like, Mom...answer your phone and just say NO.  She was like, I can't say no, I'll have to go...I don't want to go...I don't have anything to wear...blah blah blah.  I shook my head and thought, no wonder I'm the way I am.

Okay, this is just trivial bullshit as usual.  On another note, I'm starting our new menu tomorrow and I'd rather take a beating.  I don't know why I'm dragging my feet.  Usually I'm excited.  I worked on the new menus at the shop until around midnight and finally they were done.  Then I remember Andrew had a track meet tomorrow.  CRAP  That means lunch for him, clothes to be washed and THEN I REMEMBERED I HAD THE SHEETS OFF ALL OUR BEDS...shit shit double shit!  I had this vision of everyone sleeping on mattress pads...ugh.  Luckily only Alec's bed was naked.  He was long past asleep, pressed against the scratchy mattress pad.  gross Then I found out...Andrew is running hurdles tomorrow and I can't go to the meet and he hasn't run hurdles since he blew his knee out and HOW COULD THE COACH DO THIS TO ME!!! AGHHHHHHHHH

Well, I told myself, NO Beer TONIGHT!  I had enough last night.  I did NOT NEED TO DRINK AT MIDNIGHT on a Sunday night.  NO.  What did I do?  got home at midnight, started to unload the dishwasher, load it up, and instantly cracked open a beer.

damn it

April 20, 2008

Julia Child Would Fucking Shit!

I bet Julia childs and a spraddle legged chickenthe old girl is rolling over in her grave...or laughing her ass off. She started this whole cooking show thing didn't she?

I'm watching F WORD, a cooking show and learning that A) our kitchen at Shirley K's doesn't win for cussing during lunch hour and B) I can't hear a fuckin' thing and am going deaf when it comes to trying to hear an accent.

Been a busy weekend. Of course, Saturday involved "makin' the donuts" and it was a bit of a slow day, which was kind of nice. If you don't mind money shooting out the window like a slit artery. Got home around 3pm and did nothing except watch a cooking show. I saw a nice recipe for stuffed manicotti and an awesome recipe for chicken breast stuffed with, among many things, fontina cheese. I decided to get groceries for both entrees and would decide later which one supper would be. So...got home and after a little eeny meeny miny mo...started in on making the manicotti. Chopped spinach, fresh basil, fresh oregano, a clove of garlic, coarse salt and pepperfor the sauce. However, since I hadn't written the recipes down I realized mid way through I was making the sauce for the chicken breast. shit Oh well, I winged it. Slit the chicken breast, shoved the greens combo in, wedged a nice pie shaped piece of fontina cheese in and baked for two hours. Made a spinach salad with a sauce of honey, red wine vinegar, fresh basil, olive oil, red grapes, Swiss cheese and red onion. We also had...Brown rice. Fresh broccoli with butter. Supper was Freakin awesome! I will definitely make the chicken breast in that same way again.

Thank you Julia...big kiss!

April 14, 2008

Cindy, There Is Hope For Us Yet!

This is an amazing man. 101 years old and in his first marathon. Did he train? Why yes of course and I think I LIKES the way he trains...he drinks beer (no water) and smokes 14 cigarettes(blegh) per day.

Go Back To Bed!

I feel like the ghosts are out early. Usually I hear them around 3am. I know you think I'm coo coo...but so what. I am. Anyway, for some reason, I feel the ghosts are out and tearing around too early.
I don't like it. It doesn't feel like the kind ghosts, or my relatives or like that. It feels different.

weird...I just noticed that the date is the 14th and Dad died 10 months ago on this date.

Wanting Warmth or Dancing Light
Do the bones of the earth

Long for quivering flesh

Once again

Aching for the solid comfort

To be wrapped in warmth

Or do they dance light and free

Embracing the coolness

Without envy

Under the dark sky

Beating the tombs as drums

by Sheryl McCurdy

Also...the other night, I dreamed I had worms in my feet.


maybe this is a premonition of some sort...hmmmmmmmmm
because, really people...my feet are squeaky clean.

April 12, 2008

Candy Man Hey Candy Man

Take What kind of candy be you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.

A little bit nice, a little bit naughty. I'm kind, but I show people who's boss around here. Sweet.

Wish I Could Just Let It Go

Alec had his firt dentist appointment of perhaps a million. He has many cavities that need to be fixed before we tackle the chips and cracks in his molars. That was a big dissappointment to me. AND we can't even get him into the dentist until the first week of June. great just super great.

I was chewing on somthing today and I bit it wrong with my back teeth and I thought, Alec will have problems all of his life now. I guess I should just let it go, but the thing is, Alec has a lot to go through, now, and for the rest of his life really, because of somthing someone did that was extremely stupid. He has been through many, many medical things already with the surgeries for anyurismic bone cyst removal (twice), crutches when he was 5 and again when he was 7.and now this.

April 10, 2008


Sex is like snow, you never know how many inches you're going to get or how long it will last.

April 09, 2008

Autism and Encephalitis/could they be related?

I was just watching a little bit of AWAKENINGS which is about the victims of an encephalitis epidemic many, many years ago and they have been catatonic ever since, but now a new drug offers the prospect of reviving them. As I watched I thought of the recent show I watched on autism and I thought...I wonder if the two are somehow related? I wonder if the drug L-dopa...in some form could help those kids with autism...??

April 07, 2008

Good Old Cambridge

When I was a little girl and went with my parents to my grandparents house in Arapahoe, or visiting somewhere else I would say, as we came back and re-entered Cambridge, "Ahhhhh good old Cambridge". After reading this article I think you will too.

Check out this article about Cambridge in Nebraska Rural Living and you'll want to come live the good life!

Purdy Damn Good!!

I've been loving the song I Just Can't Get It Right Today since I saw this commercial. I suddenly realized, I've bought cd's from Joe Purdy before from CD Baby. I bought, Julie Blue last year or so and I loved it. Now I know why that video sparked my interest. Check it out! Also, read what Joe posted on facebook and let's help him out!

You can go to my facebook and hook up with Joe through Ilike

Joe Purdy posted this bulletin.

Hello Folks!We need your help. "Can't Get It Right Today" has been charting on the Itunes rock.

Hello Folks!

We need your help. "Can't Get It Right Today" has been charting on the Itunes rock charts for the past few weeks and today it's #29. That's pretty huge considering that Joe doesn't work with a record label. Let's make Purdy history and try to get it in the top 10!!

Here's what you can do. Add it to your page!! Add the banner below to your page and send it out in a bulletin. Buy the song if you haven't already!!



April 06, 2008

Notes From All April 6ths I Have Blogged Starting 2003

April 06, 2003
It's still snowing! There are drifts and drifts of fluffy snow banks everywhere. The streets are filled with slush and mush and although traffic is able to move freely I would just bet the country roads are a mess. I can hear the kids singing "snow day" already. I haven't seen this kind of a snow in years and years. I hope my hostas and various bulbs will make it through this cornball snowfall. I covered the just peeping sprouts up yesterday and am crossing my fingers.
...and Smile When Ya Say It!
April 06, 2004
Jo Jo Dancing Girl has a sister who came to visit.
She doesn't live around here anymore...shame really cuz I think we could be buds.
That sister thinks I'm rude and a bad waitress.
Yayyy...somebody please...fire me quick...cut my wages...tell my boss...slap me silly... or better yet...congratulate me on a job well done!!!
April 06, 2005
Things That Made Me Happy:
1) Alec had a check-up today with his Orthopedic Dr. and the X-ray was CLEAR! He was, for the most part, released! We are to get an X-ray next year and send it in to the clinic in Omaha...NEXT YEAR! Nothing could have made me happier than when Dr. Esposito popped that film in front of the light and I saw the healed graft. No sign of tumor...NONE!! God what a relief. Healed. Done and over. Two years of constant worry, constant bloody stubs for fingers, done. I can hardly trust the feeling...Yet.
Things That Make Me Dye My Hair:
1) Andrew, while Mark, Alec and I were on the road to Omaha yesterday, got into a fight.
With a girl.
And...Landed a 3 1/2 days in school suspension.
We found out tonight when we got back from Omaha. We walked wearily into the house and instantly thought something was up. My mom and Andrew were sitting, with that "Oh Shit" look on their faces waiting for our return. Mom left, after telling us the good news.
It got ugly soon after with lectures and more lectures and crying and angry voices and gray hairs popping up everywhere. Head scratching, reenactment, letter writing and phone calls to superintendents and teachers and parents and my mommy and Cindy and weary head shaking and then, finally hugging and understanding and you get the picture.
I feel as if I've aged 10 years in 24 hours.
...At least the dog didn't pee on anything...That I know of...sniffffff
April 07, 2006
Whas Up
I just had a "Friday" with Cindy.
We haven't had one in awhile.
It was gud.
It was berry berry gud.
Now...I dance.
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April 05, 2006
Heathen Boy Strikes Again
Okay, so we went to the "pot luck church supper before Lent service" tonight. Then, church. Mark actually went with us...! We walked in, got in line and everyone greeted...Mark. It was like I was a ghost already... Anyway, during the service, Alec and his buds sit in the very front row...like they are at the movies or something. Alec says it's because then you are the first to get out. Go figure. Andrew and his buds sat behind Mark, Katie and I...near the screaming babies in the back. Most times the babies are like elevator music and when they are quiet...it makes me feel like something is missing. During the hymns, which I only hit the middle notes and leave off the upper as my singing S U C K S I noticed something. Behind me, the words were being changed to some kind of bizarre form which only 14 year old boys can sing.

dear god in heaven I thought...how can I possibly reach around behind me and slap my kid without causing too big a scene. Mark, on my right, was laughing.

April 09, 2007
Short Poem
the summer looms
my ass blooms
take me away Calgon

if bubbles wont float
away my troubles
Jose ceurvo, lime and salt
hit me with a double!
Labels: Take Me Away Calgon

Tires May Fly Don't Lose An Eye!

I don't look like a girl who was drinking a beer do I???
Cindy Sue, Kurt and some bizarre boy child with an obvious deficit...~CECIL~ came over and we drank a couple beers...or so...and we giggled and talked about nothing...that I can remember really...ha ha ha...and we watched someone get picked up outside our house...surprise...it wasn't my kids...for once...YET. give em time give em time...sigh. Cindy and Kurt(and that bizarre child with the deviant laugh and cross eyed loose lipped grin) brought the old road bike back with new tubes and handlebar wraps on. She is lookin' sweet. Too bad as soon as I sit on the purty girl...her back tire will buckle and blow. watch out kid you might shoot out your eye!!!damn my large arse anyway...curses to the 3 axe handle wide pants I must wear...damn...damn...
In other news...well...ummmmmmm...nothing

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April 03, 2008

Oh My Lucky Sex Charms!

Amazing new study shows that your favorite Lucky Charms marshmallow bit shape determines what you're like in bed! Yes, it's true--just take this simple test to determine your true bedroom personality:

Green clovers:
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Blue diamonds:
If your favorite marhmallow shape is the blue diamond, your thoughts in bed are mostly about what you'll get later. "If he really enjoys this, will he buy me that mink coat?" is probably what's going through your mind. People who like blue diamonds have a notebook of preprinted fill-in-the-blank palimony suit forms and are the people most likely to file their nails while making love.

Orange Stars:
If your favorite shape is the orange star, you expect to be the center of attention in bed. You expect your partner to spend most of his time pleasing you and when you do something for him, you expect enthusiastic moaning if not applause. People who like orange stars often have mirrors over their beds, not because they are turned on by watching what is being done, but because they want to be able to watch themselves having a good time. They often moan out their own names while making love.

Pink hearts:
If you like pink hearts, you're the romantic type. You like your partner to whisper romantic phrases into your ear and, if he's too distracted to form coherent phrases, you'll settle for romantic syllables. People who like pink hearts read most of the romance novels published and are turned on by people wearing armor.

Purple horseshoes:
If purple horseshoes are your thing, your tastes are modern, uninhibited, and somewhat warped. You like variety in the bedroom, especially when you can include handcuffs, chains, swingsets, and chocolate pudding. Be careful when going out on a picnic with anyone who likes purple horseshoes--she's likely to pin you down with croquet hoops when you're not looking and who knows what could happen next?

Yellow Moons:
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Those little oat bits that aren't marshmallows at all:
If you prefer the little oat bits, you probably don't like sex anyway and don't need to read this article. People who prefer the oat bits usually become accountants, librarians who work at the reference desk, or government employees; these people like to chow down on a big bowl brimming with oat bits before a tough day of protesting suggestive lyrics in rock music. People who like oat bits have more time to spend writing letters to the editor than any other type.

Autism Buzz

The buzz word of the year is "autism". Last year it was "bipolar". Have you seen the show on HBO called Autism the Musical? It's interesting. I was not aware of all the different types of autism. There seems to be different varieties (for lack of a better word). There was a girl about 14 years old who could not generate original speech. She repeated what you told her, like a parrot. She could sing beautifully though. How odd this disease is. How strange. How devastating. We need to find the cause of this disease. Around 1 out of 150 kids are diagnosed with autism. That number is getting down to the nitty gritty. More and more and more autism. Is it the additives in our food? Is it vaccinations? Is it our drinking water? Who knows. If you get a chance, try and watch that video. You just might learn something.

April 02, 2008

Almost a Year

I had a dream the other night that Dad was alive and very sick with his lung cancer. It was very sad when I woke up. It felt so real. Last year at this time I remember I was starting to get ready for Katie's graduation and wondering if Dad would be alive for it. I remember thinking how I was going to have a funeral and a graduation close together. It was such a difficult time. I can't believe it's almost been a whole year. In someways it feels like a few weeks ago. I have to try and not remember the last 12 hours of his life because it is very painful to me. The disbelief of his final breath. The casual visiting of our family in his room that morning. too many too many sad things...