April 21, 2008

Beer, Track and Bedsheets

Well, what a day.  First off early this morning the telephone rang.  Luckily my crippled ass was up and around and I answered the ring a ding ding before it woke everyone else.  It was a lady looking for my mom...at 8 am...on a Sunday morning...and I JUST KNEW my MOM WAS SCREENING her calls.  I knew this lady wanted Mom to go to  church with her.  and I also knew my Mom was TIRED!!  However I answered politely that no my mommy hadn't spent the night here, and that I thought she was probably okay and at home, that she had been at my house until late.  She said okay and we hung up.  Five freaking minutes later the phone rings, it's for Mark...a script he had to fill, five minutes later the phone rang, it was the lady looking for my mom.  She was almost frantic, "I've called and called and your mom won't answer and where could she be?"  I thought hard, maybe in BED is what I wanted to say.  I told her I would check on my Mom and she said GOOD  like she thought I wouldn't or something.  I then called Mom, between the dozen calls Mark got, and of COURSE SHE ANSWERS THE PHONE.  I was like, Mom...answer your phone and just say NO.  She was like, I can't say no, I'll have to go...I don't want to go...I don't have anything to wear...blah blah blah.  I shook my head and thought, no wonder I'm the way I am.

Okay, this is just trivial bullshit as usual.  On another note, I'm starting our new menu tomorrow and I'd rather take a beating.  I don't know why I'm dragging my feet.  Usually I'm excited.  I worked on the new menus at the shop until around midnight and finally they were done.  Then I remember Andrew had a track meet tomorrow.  CRAP  That means lunch for him, clothes to be washed and THEN I REMEMBERED I HAD THE SHEETS OFF ALL OUR BEDS...shit shit double shit!  I had this vision of everyone sleeping on mattress pads...ugh.  Luckily only Alec's bed was naked.  He was long past asleep, pressed against the scratchy mattress pad.  gross Then I found out...Andrew is running hurdles tomorrow and I can't go to the meet and he hasn't run hurdles since he blew his knee out and HOW COULD THE COACH DO THIS TO ME!!! AGHHHHHHHHH

Well, I told myself, NO Beer TONIGHT!  I had enough last night.  I did NOT NEED TO DRINK AT MIDNIGHT on a Sunday night.  NO.  What did I do?  got home at midnight, started to unload the dishwasher, load it up, and instantly cracked open a beer.

damn it

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