April 21, 2008

ESPN THIS you curr!

I got home from work and strangely my TV was on.  Pissin' Petie casually yawned and stretched as he slowly unfolded himself from the recliner.   He wondered lazily over to his empty food bowl, stared up at me as if to say, Bitch...get me sum food...NOW!  So of course, I did.  I then proceeded to sit in Pissin Peties recliner and fall dead asleep.  My Mom called around 5 nanoseconds later to mention she was going to McCook and would I like to go and I was like running around half asleep murmuring yes, where am I?, who am I?, where is my coat?  was I asleep? where are you?    You get the drift.  Later Mom came over to pick me up, as I was racing down the highway toward her house...handy that.  I met her back at my house and hopped in.  She was going to the dentist and I would go watch Andrew in his track meet.  I did notice that Andrew had eaten his lunch that I packed him to take to the track meet...for breakfast.  He left the humongous cooler opened, on the counter, ate the wraps, left the chips, ate the candy bars and drank a few Gatorade's and waaa lahhhh.  Apparently he was fortified and didn't want to haul that sweet baby blue cooler/diaper bag around with him.  I don't get why not?  hmmmmm.   Anywhoo  to make a long story longer, he did fair in the pole vault, got 5th in his 300 low hurdles and set a new personal record, which almost made me HURL because he WASN'T  WEARING HIS KNEE BRACE and he hadn't run hurdles since LAST YEAR!!   I swear the coaches are trying to kill my kids and me.  Andrew didn't place in the  200 but his 400 relay got 1st!!  The looked good  He ran the third leg and ran a 57 which was alright  in my book.  Tomorrow, Alec goes 5,000 miles away for his track meet.  Hopefully I can go.   He is going to triple jump, do high and low hurdles and a relay.  I must remember to pack him a lunch.  Maybe he will eat his for breakfast too.

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