April 14, 2008

Go Back To Bed!

I feel like the ghosts are out early. Usually I hear them around 3am. I know you think I'm coo coo...but so what. I am. Anyway, for some reason, I feel the ghosts are out and tearing around too early.
I don't like it. It doesn't feel like the kind ghosts, or my relatives or like that. It feels different.

weird...I just noticed that the date is the 14th and Dad died 10 months ago on this date.

Wanting Warmth or Dancing Light
Do the bones of the earth

Long for quivering flesh

Once again

Aching for the solid comfort

To be wrapped in warmth

Or do they dance light and free

Embracing the coolness

Without envy

Under the dark sky

Beating the tombs as drums

by Sheryl McCurdy

Also...the other night, I dreamed I had worms in my feet.


maybe this is a premonition of some sort...hmmmmmmmmm
because, really people...my feet are squeaky clean.

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