April 06, 2008

Notes From All April 6ths I Have Blogged Starting 2003

April 06, 2003
It's still snowing! There are drifts and drifts of fluffy snow banks everywhere. The streets are filled with slush and mush and although traffic is able to move freely I would just bet the country roads are a mess. I can hear the kids singing "snow day" already. I haven't seen this kind of a snow in years and years. I hope my hostas and various bulbs will make it through this cornball snowfall. I covered the just peeping sprouts up yesterday and am crossing my fingers.
...and Smile When Ya Say It!
April 06, 2004
Jo Jo Dancing Girl has a sister who came to visit.
She doesn't live around here anymore...shame really cuz I think we could be buds.
That sister thinks I'm rude and a bad waitress.
Yayyy...somebody please...fire me quick...cut my wages...tell my boss...slap me silly... or better yet...congratulate me on a job well done!!!
April 06, 2005
Things That Made Me Happy:
1) Alec had a check-up today with his Orthopedic Dr. and the X-ray was CLEAR! He was, for the most part, released! We are to get an X-ray next year and send it in to the clinic in Omaha...NEXT YEAR! Nothing could have made me happier than when Dr. Esposito popped that film in front of the light and I saw the healed graft. No sign of tumor...NONE!! God what a relief. Healed. Done and over. Two years of constant worry, constant bloody stubs for fingers, done. I can hardly trust the feeling...Yet.
Things That Make Me Dye My Hair:
1) Andrew, while Mark, Alec and I were on the road to Omaha yesterday, got into a fight.
With a girl.
And...Landed a 3 1/2 days in school suspension.
We found out tonight when we got back from Omaha. We walked wearily into the house and instantly thought something was up. My mom and Andrew were sitting, with that "Oh Shit" look on their faces waiting for our return. Mom left, after telling us the good news.
It got ugly soon after with lectures and more lectures and crying and angry voices and gray hairs popping up everywhere. Head scratching, reenactment, letter writing and phone calls to superintendents and teachers and parents and my mommy and Cindy and weary head shaking and then, finally hugging and understanding and you get the picture.
I feel as if I've aged 10 years in 24 hours.
...At least the dog didn't pee on anything...That I know of...sniffffff
April 07, 2006
Whas Up
I just had a "Friday" with Cindy.
We haven't had one in awhile.
It was gud.
It was berry berry gud.
Now...I dance.
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April 05, 2006
Heathen Boy Strikes Again
Okay, so we went to the "pot luck church supper before Lent service" tonight. Then, church. Mark actually went with us...! We walked in, got in line and everyone greeted...Mark. It was like I was a ghost already... Anyway, during the service, Alec and his buds sit in the very front row...like they are at the movies or something. Alec says it's because then you are the first to get out. Go figure. Andrew and his buds sat behind Mark, Katie and I...near the screaming babies in the back. Most times the babies are like elevator music and when they are quiet...it makes me feel like something is missing. During the hymns, which I only hit the middle notes and leave off the upper as my singing S U C K S I noticed something. Behind me, the words were being changed to some kind of bizarre form which only 14 year old boys can sing.

dear god in heaven I thought...how can I possibly reach around behind me and slap my kid without causing too big a scene. Mark, on my right, was laughing.

April 09, 2007
Short Poem
the summer looms
my ass blooms
take me away Calgon

if bubbles wont float
away my troubles
Jose ceurvo, lime and salt
hit me with a double!
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