April 22, 2008

Race Track Tired

What a day. Full out work until you drop mode then make sure you drop into Mark's vehicle because it's going to take you to Alec's track meet(one hour away)...which by the way will last until 8 pm ish.  Get home and collapse.

I'm losing some really good help at the end of this month.  Two helpers that have been with me from the beginning.  I even cried last week and that isn't something I do so easily.  I dread trying to replace these people.

now what

I realize that my life work will be this shop.  My L i f e will be this shop.  Not nursing, not that, making coffee, sandwiches, selling doo dads, making menus, buying beans and bags and grinders, putting freight away, ordering food, bagging up food, making food, making small talk and missing events because my high school helpers have to be gone for the afternoon, smelling like oilive oil and bacon and wearing frosting in my hair and the side of my jaw, vacuuming and repairing ice machines and making espresso with the perfect crema, wiping tables and sweeping floors, making up fruit smoothie names and making Italian sodas.

Sometimes I'm happy about not being on call and not working as a nurse and sometimes I'm extremely sad.  Sometimes I'm so damn tired I just don't know what I think about anything.

Life is passing by at a record speed.

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