May 31, 2008

Tornadoes part and miss Cambridge

None of these dangerous tornadoes hit Cambridge. The huge cells split and parted like the red sea and we were spared.

Twisters hit Nebraska
Twisters hit Nebraska

More tornadoes slam the Midwest
More tornadoes slam the Midwest

May 28, 2008

Couldn't They Just Be Perfect?

I went for a walk around 9:30 p.m. It was misting slightly and the lights of the Ethanol plant lit up the sky like a lava lamp. Everything was muted and "bloopy" in the moist clinging air. The music playing in my ipod were mostly Janis Joplin tunes and it was fitting for both my mood and the feel of the night. Again and again as I walk I think of how I could be a good parent to my teens. I often think of how crappy I've handled an "event" and how Mark does such a good job with parenting. I'm usually floundering in words and I get so angry and spitting mad that I can't see straight. I so wish I could be a better parent. My skills suck. I've read books and I've read articles and I've tried to be patient, understanding, calm, collected. I've tried to go to church more. I've tried going to church less. I try to use example. And mostly, lately I try not to scream and bawl and pull my hair out. I try not to swear out loud things like...hey you DUMBASS what do you THINK YOU ARE DOING!!! and things like WHY WHY WHY are you DOING THIS TO ME! I try to be like Mark who lectures calmly and use examples and stories and actually make sense but people....I CAN'T DO IT!!!! I CANNOT DO IT WELL AT ALL!!! I'm a hot head and a screamer and I hate waiting for the perfect words and speech. I like action Jackson and God help me...I'm not a patient person at all. What usually happens is Mark and I and whoever is in the hot seat sit in the living room and Mark lectures and I sit there nodding and when I speak it sounds stupid and I feel like an asshole and then it's over after about 2 hours of Mark lecturing and me being an asshole. I just wish my kids wouldn't do anything they shouldn't. hhahaahahahahahah IS THAT TOOOOOO MUCH TO ASK PEOPLE?!! Tell me it isn't. Please please tell me it isn't.

May 25, 2008

Coca Cola

Haven't tried it yet...but...?? It CAN'T be bad...just bad for you.

Deep Fried Coke Cola

2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 1/2 cups Coca Cola
Oil for deep frying

1 cup Coca Cola syrup
whipped cream
maraschino cherries

1. In a medium bowl, mix together the flour and baking powder.
2. Mix in eggs and Coca Cola and stir until a smooth batter forms.
3. Preheat oil in a skillet or deep fryer.
4. Pour 1/3 cup of batter into a funnel or turkey baster and in a circular motion pour batter into the hot oil.
5. Fry up for about a minute on each side and drain on paper towels.
6. Serve while still warm and top with Coca Cola syrup, whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

Cambridge, flooding; then and now

On May 26, 1885, 9 people were killed from the towns of Cambridge, Richmond Canyon, and Arapahoe; victims are buried in Cambridge with a monument. On June 23, 1947, 13 were killed in Cambridge and Orleans. Total damage was estimated at $15 million, largely because 7.5 inches of rain fell in the Medicine Creek watershed. When this flow mixed with the already-swollen Republican flow, it caused it to rise to a record stage in Orleans: 23 feet, 14 feet over flood stage. Click HERE for the rest of the story.
Active Watches and Warnings

1010 PM CDT SAT MAY 24 2008

1010 PM CDT SAT MAY 24 2008




I hope to get some pictures tomorrow.  I've never seen anything like it before.  The river is out of her banks and the low lands are filling.  As we drove south into the country to look at the flooding I saw twin fawn whitetails, hopping actoss a plowed, muddy field...their tails flagging.  The"ponds" had swirling masses of either fish or bugs on the surface.  I would have liked to stop and sit and listen for awhile.  The crickets, bullfrogs and fading daylight were beautiful.  The fresh smell of wet grass made me think of a lovely summer day.  I tried not to think of swarms of mosquitoes, the stench of dead fish and the old plummy mud that will stain the landscape.  I tried not to think of the carcasses of sloe eyed deer speckling the roadsides, featuring tire tracks across their backs.

Republican River Flooding Out Of Its Banks
Flooding river fills lowlands
Another picture of the river flooding over the banks on May 26th 2008. Should have reached it's crest by noon today.
Flood waters of the Republican river
Another picture taken by my phone. Not the best quality but I think you get the idea.

Taken off the Republican River bridge south of Cambridge, NE

May 21, 2008

Is it September yet??

I just took Alec out for a driving lesson.  He is the only one of my kids I've tried to teach.  Perhaps that is why my other two have had trouble.  Mark is a very speedy driver, not to mention a "ride the bumper of the guy in front" kind of guy.  He's had accidents and tickets and various "car events" which involved insurance agents and police and STOP courses etc.  I don't mean to brag but I've not had a ticket before.  Once, I got a warning.  When I was 19.  Mostly, I drive the speed limit.  I use the cruise control.  I like to take my time getting somewhere.  I was once, as you all know, passed by the local handibus when I was taking Katie and a group of her friends to the orthodontist.  I much prefer someone else to drive while I nap.  God I love napping in a car.  No I didn't say necking, I said, napping.  It's yummy.  Anyway, Alec did okay.  He tends to drift toward the side of the road.  I kept waving my hand trying to get him to get away from the ditch.  I looked like I was swatting flies most of the time.  I'm worn out from it.  Good luck drivers ed teacher.  GOOD LUCK!

May 16, 2008

I'm Already An Idiot!

...and it's not even really summer yet.  Alec went outside to "hang out" with his buddies last night, around 8pm and he says casually, "Just call me when you want me home".  Of course I yell back loudly, "10pm...Be Home!".  He stands, astounded, eyes open wide, jaw dropped and says, "Mom...I'm in  high school now!"

oh brother, school out less than 12 hours and he thinks he's a big high schooler

lord help me

May 15, 2008

Wake Me In September

Stop the clocks, cover the mirrors, it's official. School is out for the summer. Andrew will be a junior next year and Alec will be a freshman. The boys brought home their practice football jerseys and gear. I knew they brought it not only because of the boyish stench but the sheer towering effect all that stuff makes when piled in our entryway. Not only football stuff but their baseball stuff. Could I just say one thing? HELP I'm not ready. I sat down tonight and wrote out the schedule of events for this summer. In June alone, between football camps, basketball club, baseball games and weightlifting we have, ahem...drum roll please...5 days with nothing but weights at 6:15 am. wow 5 days that have barely anything written on them. The rest of the months are INSANE. Games or camps in Gothenberg, Aurora, Holdridge, and Hastings, to mention a few of the towns. These are several hours away from us. Andrew is also working as a life guard. Alec is supposed to be mowing his grandmas lawn at least weekly and it takes 3-4 hours of steady mowing to do some of it.

It's gonna be a busy one.

May 14, 2008

Hometown Makes CNN

Just wanted to pass along great news that we have a feature story coming out tomorrow about our Cambridge ethanol plant and positive community impact. It will be on the website:  starting at 6:30 am Tuesday, May 13. There will be a slightly different version which will air on a CNN segment called Your World Today which runs from 11:00am-12:00. We anticipate the TV version will air on Wednesday, but are still waiting for final word.

May 11, 2008


Oh tender day
remember her sweet touch;
mourning doves coo

May 09, 2008

If the ass fits...wear it!

A friend gave me a book of motto's for the office on my birthday, 5th of May.  The motto's are the kind that you can set up on a desk like a name tag plate and at the end of the day flip the old one over and start out fresh in the a.m. with some new witticism.  Some of the pages featured such gems as I Don't do Decaf, and I Don't Do Perky, and You Wanted That WHEN?!!   I chuckled, they were funny.  Everyday since then we have dilligetnly turned the page and announced, "This is our new saying of the day!" to the customers, workers, whoever happened to be around.  Well, last night as I was checking up and doing the deposit I decided to turn the motto over and what do you think I read?

If jackasses could fly this place would be an airport!

Holy crap if that didn't make me actually laugh out loud and long.  It's my new favorite saying.

May 06, 2008

Rain Man Map Man

"you are the Rain Man of politics", says, Anderson Cooper to John King while discussing the dem primaries tonight on CNN.  All the while John King stands, totally concentrating on the dark blue areas that represent counties of Indiana and he is stretching, pulling, playing, twisting, and tweaking his. . . map. potty heads...this is not another name for pulling the pud.  One almost feels dizzy from the constant movement of the map.  We saw sparsely populated counties, we zoomed into suburban counties with snap together ranch style homes positioned near baseball fields and parking lots.  John put us into the living rooms of Lake county citizens.  all the while he has this dazed yet happy look on his face.  He has a tool people and he isn't afraid to use it!

Our Front Yard

Double Blooming Peach Tree

Ode To My Neighbors Canine Canary Chorus aka Little Dog Fuqu Haiku

dogs barking, barking
awake, again, at midnight
shut up you assholes!

May 05, 2008

May 04, 2008

Beer & Smarties

I'm just now having one of Mark's beer of the month beers...a Irresistible Amber Ale from Madison River Brewing Co and a handful of Smarties...while watching the end of Idol Favorites.   I'm in the mood to watch Accidental Tourist but A Love Song for Bobby Long is on instead.

I've been wondering what to do for Mom.  She and Dad's 51st  Anniversary would be on Monday.  Dad has been gone almost a whole year now.  Hard to believe.  It's still their Anniversary, but what do you do in this case?  Presents?  What?  I've always gotten them a present.  It feels weird not to but right now I don't have anything bought.  Feels strange.  Last year Dad was so sick I didn't know if he would live until their Anniversary.  I had a card shower and they got a million cards.  It was sooo nice.  He actually read most every one.  I got them a 50th Anniversary blanket and a book about 1954 and it was an okay time.  But, what to do now?  I thought about getting one of those triangle flag holders for Dad's flag...but ...of course I haven't got it yet.  shit

I guess instead of eating smarties I should have been attempting to attain that level...

May 02, 2008

Pray For Me

CNN made an hour long stop at Shirley K's Coffee Shop on Wednesday.

Yes...CNN...the news CNN. They are doing a story on a rural area that has an ethanol plant and the impact on the town...I think. They did not talk with me however they honed in on my nail bitten, band aided hands while I made a latte...nice...I'm also afraid they got a bit close to my uni browed pimple cheeked face. And I hope to God they didn't get a shot of my 3 axe handled and a shoebox wide ASS. Wow what a draw that would be. I'm not too worried. I feel the shop shots will be cut...please please please. Leave the interviews...cut the freak. Please pray to the God of nail bitten, pimple faced, uni browed, 3 axe handled and a shoebox wide asses everywhere that they will NOT show that close up of me.

I believe the bit will air next week.  But I'm not really sure.  Pretty neat to have them there though.

May 01, 2008

Wedgie My ASS I Call the Coppers

News - Local News

Police respond to call of felony wedgification
by The Prowler - 4/30/2008

At 8:16 p.m. on April 22, a North Platte police patrolman was dispatched by the 911 Center to a North Platte home in the 200 block of William Avenue on the complaint of a wedgie.

Seems a neighbor kid gave a youngster a wedgie and the boy’s father called the police.

A wedgie is the condition of having one’s underwear or other garmets “wedged” between the buttocks. This can occur, due to tight garments or physical activity, or performed as a prank by another person by yanking the undergarments upward, thus “giving a wedgie.”

The officer arrived at the residence and talked with all concerned, according to a police spokesman. The father of the boy who received the wedgie thought it was inappropriate.

The officer was able to calm the situation and no one was cited or arrested.

The police spokesman said they are ever vigilant and on the lookout for wedgies here.

“You might get away with that in Lincoln or Omaha,” the spokesman said. “But we’re not going to allow wedgies in North Platte.”

The spokesman said they planned to put a stop to the wedgies before they escalate into full-blown melvins or atomic wedgies.