May 04, 2008

Beer & Smarties

I'm just now having one of Mark's beer of the month beers...a Irresistible Amber Ale from Madison River Brewing Co and a handful of Smarties...while watching the end of Idol Favorites.   I'm in the mood to watch Accidental Tourist but A Love Song for Bobby Long is on instead.

I've been wondering what to do for Mom.  She and Dad's 51st  Anniversary would be on Monday.  Dad has been gone almost a whole year now.  Hard to believe.  It's still their Anniversary, but what do you do in this case?  Presents?  What?  I've always gotten them a present.  It feels weird not to but right now I don't have anything bought.  Feels strange.  Last year Dad was so sick I didn't know if he would live until their Anniversary.  I had a card shower and they got a million cards.  It was sooo nice.  He actually read most every one.  I got them a 50th Anniversary blanket and a book about 1954 and it was an okay time.  But, what to do now?  I thought about getting one of those triangle flag holders for Dad's flag...but ...of course I haven't got it yet.  shit

I guess instead of eating smarties I should have been attempting to attain that level...

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