May 09, 2008

If the ass fits...wear it!

A friend gave me a book of motto's for the office on my birthday, 5th of May.  The motto's are the kind that you can set up on a desk like a name tag plate and at the end of the day flip the old one over and start out fresh in the a.m. with some new witticism.  Some of the pages featured such gems as I Don't do Decaf, and I Don't Do Perky, and You Wanted That WHEN?!!   I chuckled, they were funny.  Everyday since then we have dilligetnly turned the page and announced, "This is our new saying of the day!" to the customers, workers, whoever happened to be around.  Well, last night as I was checking up and doing the deposit I decided to turn the motto over and what do you think I read?

If jackasses could fly this place would be an airport!

Holy crap if that didn't make me actually laugh out loud and long.  It's my new favorite saying.

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