May 21, 2008

Is it September yet??

I just took Alec out for a driving lesson.  He is the only one of my kids I've tried to teach.  Perhaps that is why my other two have had trouble.  Mark is a very speedy driver, not to mention a "ride the bumper of the guy in front" kind of guy.  He's had accidents and tickets and various "car events" which involved insurance agents and police and STOP courses etc.  I don't mean to brag but I've not had a ticket before.  Once, I got a warning.  When I was 19.  Mostly, I drive the speed limit.  I use the cruise control.  I like to take my time getting somewhere.  I was once, as you all know, passed by the local handibus when I was taking Katie and a group of her friends to the orthodontist.  I much prefer someone else to drive while I nap.  God I love napping in a car.  No I didn't say necking, I said, napping.  It's yummy.  Anyway, Alec did okay.  He tends to drift toward the side of the road.  I kept waving my hand trying to get him to get away from the ditch.  I looked like I was swatting flies most of the time.  I'm worn out from it.  Good luck drivers ed teacher.  GOOD LUCK!

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