May 06, 2008

Ode To My Neighbors Canine Canary Chorus aka Little Dog Fuqu Haiku

dogs barking, barking
awake, again, at midnight
shut up you assholes!


ybonesy said...

I might chant this next time I'm awake at midnight thanks to my neighbor's a-hole dogs (or is it my a-hole neighbor's dogs?). 8)

poniday said...


Annette said...

You must live on my block.

You can't even call it barking. It's more like two old ladies who got there hands stuck in the spokes of their wheelchair or something. I'm hoping that my other neighbor's dog, who is big, one of these days will jump the fence and bite them to death.

Annette said...

I must have been tired. I misspelled "their"..."their hands stuck"