May 02, 2008

Pray For Me

CNN made an hour long stop at Shirley K's Coffee Shop on Wednesday.

Yes...CNN...the news CNN. They are doing a story on a rural area that has an ethanol plant and the impact on the town...I think. They did not talk with me however they honed in on my nail bitten, band aided hands while I made a latte...nice...I'm also afraid they got a bit close to my uni browed pimple cheeked face. And I hope to God they didn't get a shot of my 3 axe handled and a shoebox wide ASS. Wow what a draw that would be. I'm not too worried. I feel the shop shots will be cut...please please please. Leave the interviews...cut the freak. Please pray to the God of nail bitten, pimple faced, uni browed, 3 axe handled and a shoebox wide asses everywhere that they will NOT show that close up of me.

I believe the bit will air next week.  But I'm not really sure.  Pretty neat to have them there though.

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