May 15, 2008

Wake Me In September

Stop the clocks, cover the mirrors, it's official. School is out for the summer. Andrew will be a junior next year and Alec will be a freshman. The boys brought home their practice football jerseys and gear. I knew they brought it not only because of the boyish stench but the sheer towering effect all that stuff makes when piled in our entryway. Not only football stuff but their baseball stuff. Could I just say one thing? HELP I'm not ready. I sat down tonight and wrote out the schedule of events for this summer. In June alone, between football camps, basketball club, baseball games and weightlifting we have, ahem...drum roll please...5 days with nothing but weights at 6:15 am. wow 5 days that have barely anything written on them. The rest of the months are INSANE. Games or camps in Gothenberg, Aurora, Holdridge, and Hastings, to mention a few of the towns. These are several hours away from us. Andrew is also working as a life guard. Alec is supposed to be mowing his grandmas lawn at least weekly and it takes 3-4 hours of steady mowing to do some of it.

It's gonna be a busy one.

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