June 30, 2008

Addiction Is a Bitch

I'm watching a woman popping pills by the handful, psychotropics, anti depressants, pain meds whatever she can find. She is desperate. I'm watching INTERVENTION.
I wonder if I need intervened for my addiction. It's...Sweet Tarts. I just text messaged Andrew and Katie with a plea, Please bring Sweet Tarts when you come home. So far...I haven't added...or don't come home! So far, I'm not at the end of my rope. It's close. Hark! The sound of my phone being messaged. Katie says, YES...only it will take me 4 hours to get it there, but yes I'll bring you Sweet Tarts. GOD I love that girl. Hurry Katie...hurry. Now another message. Andrew is BRINGING ME SWEET TARTS!!! Man, I raised me some good kids.
I may just snort these.
...is that bad?

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