June 26, 2008

Febreeze Fairy Needed

Tonight, in a fit of starvation, I made something stinky.  No NOT THAT...food people...food...get your heads out of the gutter.  I made Cheddarwurst Braats and Sauerkraut.  Sadly, the kraut wasn't kosher and that's the GOOD STUFF.  I made do with the ancient kraut in a can I found in the pantry.  Only other thing there was the crushed remains of chips, 599 packets of diet tea on the go single packets, 43 boxes of jello, molasses, moldy bread and that's about it.  I burned the stuff which didn't make it smell any better.  NOW...the house smells like a shit infested hell hole.  

I think I will have to bake something to get the schtink out...but what can one bake with the above listed ingredIents?  Nothing I can think of.


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