June 24, 2008

Like Cows At The Trough

The donut contest was awesome.  We had about 30 entries before we started and in total...about 50.  We strung a clothes line  between two 10 foot ladders and dangled our donuts from there.  We had about 10-15 contestants lined up at a time and it was sweet.  They were like cows in a stanchion.  We had to disqualify several who attempted to use their hands.  We had one couple who were eating off each others shoulders.  I passed out prizes like I was at a penny fair.  Our time limit was 3 minutes and in total it took about 1/2 hour.  I had no one to take pictures.  Hopefully someone did and will send me some...sigh.

am tired now...must go to bed...yawn

1 comment:

Thomas Wright said...

Please please please let there be pictures!