June 04, 2008

Mad Cow on a Bike

Well, I've been riding again. Cindy and I went 30 some miles yesterday and I went 16 or so today. I think we went 25 or so a few days ago. I am vague because I am EXHAUSTED. Between work and the kids baseball games and trying to do something at home I cannot really get any rest time in. My shoulder hurts like a mo fo and my joints ache too. But hey the bonus from riding again are many. Like...Cindy Sue mentions her ASS CHEEKS ARE SWOLLEN. Yay Now that is something I NEED! Also, there is sunburn which helps my freckled damaged skin even more. Something I also love about bike riding is the bugs that either sting your head as they get caught inside your helmet OR the bugs you eat because they come flitting at you like 50 mph. Something I hope is true is that cow shit is good for your skin. Those semis that come flying by you often fling cow shit/piss/vile fluids onto me. Hopefully mad cow disease isn't something you can get through osmosis.

Me on my bike

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