June 12, 2008

The Rabbit is Dead aka Things That Just Aren't Right

a)  a tiny teeny baby bunny HEAD with eyes open and mouth in death pose on my doorstep

b) my big fat cat Pickles who is over fed and underworked resting quietly beside the porch with a big ole smile on her face (not to mention a new rabbit foot in her pocket)

c) soccer (I just don't get it nor do I want to get it)

d) sweatshirts on June nights

e) freaking tornadoes and flooding!

f) sassy boys

g) fatness of assness


phx said...

Oh wow, I hope the tornadoes and flooding stay well away from where you are!!

And I'm in the same boat as far as sweatshirts go--it is almost the summer solstice and we haven't hardly had ANY warm weather yet. :(

poniday said...

Lucky...so far. Nice rains, some basement flooding but really nothing much at all. Mark's family in Iowa are on the edge of the mess.

Annette said...

Mine leaves voles on the porch, several times a week; we have a vole grave yard in the back.

They die very dramatically, with lots of screaming. The bunny head is worse, though.

poniday said...

gaghg...thank you Annette for that graphic description...I feel like I was there!