June 23, 2008

We Survived

Medicine Creek Days is over. I can't say I'm sorry.  It was ALOT of work.  You will laugh when you hear what I think alot of work was.  I mean, making tractor tire tubes retain latex paint IS WORK people.  I painted tubes and painted tubes and painted tubes and taaa daaaaa...they looked like giant glazed donuts.  I was still working on them at 9am on Saturday morning and we were to be at the parade line up at 9:45.   Needless to say, the paint was wet, I was sweating and my disco outfit SUCK ED.  It was like this huge leopard skin outfit that my boobs hung out of and that accentuated my beer belly.  I decided not to wear it.  I tried on Katies swing choir sparkly dress and could wear it...if I left it unzipped halfway...SHIT.  I ended up throwing on a black Farah Faucet wig and my DONUT TESTER Shirley K's Coffee Shop shirt and jeans.  yah...some disco queen I was.  At the end of the parade I was D U N .  But, I said, "Hey Mark let's take these fucking donuts and go to the river and tube!"  Surprisingly Mark said, "OK".  So, we did.  We jumped in at the river bridge and 2 or so hours later ended up at the diversion dam.  It was great.  We saw deer, blue herons, cranes, no snakes, and several ducks.  I got burned in places that shouldnt get burned and I liked it so much I asked Cindy to go the next day.  We did.  The only difference from Saturday was the water was a foot lower and naughty Cindy and I took a cooler of beer.  It wasss good. Except I burned myself silly.

more later...must go

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