July 05, 2008

Falll Can You Save Me

I heard the first locusts two days ago.  I saw lightening bugs a month ago.  The air is coolish.  I'm thinking of football and the bite of frost.  I don't want to hurry things along, but hell yes I do.  Wake me in September.  That's when I'll clean my house.  Wipe off sticky rings of soda pop from my coffee tables, throw away the thousands of potato chip bags, sunflower seeds and bread crusts.  I'll make time to match the socks and make the beds and wash every dish.  I'll clean out the leftovers and paint the bathroom.  I might be able to face sweeping out the garage and organizing the un-used toy room.  It's a possibility I might be able to gather all the old clothes up and take them to the thrift shop in tidy piles neatly marked Large, X Large and Big Assed Big.

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