July 08, 2008

I Need Help or Kid for Hire...QUICK!

I do not know how one raises children without maiming either them or yourself.  Does that sound bad?  Hell yes it sounds bad.  I feel so frustrated with the almost 17 year old boy now.  He has a nice girlfriend.  But that isn't really the problem.  He constantly sneaks out.  To do what?  I can guess.  The girl lives in another town soooooo...anyone knows.  I do know there is NOTHING GOOD GOING ON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.  He has a job but it's part time.  The rest of the time he is doing as he pleases.  I CANNOT stand a lazy kid much less a lazy boy.  I'm ready to hire him out as a servant.  He really needs a hard physical job to make him tired at night.  Sore in the day.  Appreciative of the things he has. I've taken everything away this year at least a million times...except this one last thing.  And it's almost ready to be yanked.  He's supposed to be going on a science trip to the bahamas.  yahhh that's right...bahamas...we've been paying for a year for this trip.  BUT I'M ABOUT 5 MINUTES FROM TAKING IT AWAY.



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learningwoman said...

No, it doesn't sound bad, it sounds normal. :-)

My boys are much younger than yours, the oldest one's seven but sometimes when I get to the point of thinking I can't stand the way he's behaving for a minute more, I try praising him for something. Not easy when I'm furious but if I can find one thing to praise him for, then I find others and, as I soften, he does too and there's more space for better communication.

Good luck :-)