July 08, 2008

Isn't it Friday?

I keep thinking it is.  Must have something to do with EXTREME late nights and early mornings and stress and baseball games and life.


Alec had baseball tourny action last night and tonight and tomorrow in Elwood.  It started to rain as we were coming home.  The rain was sooooo bad that on our way home...we had a hard time seeing the road.  Oddly...there was no rain in our town.  You could see the "dry line" were it went from rain to nothing.  strange phenomenom.  By the way...Alec's team won!

Andrew has baseball game tomorrow in North Platte.  I won't be able to attend.

Mark will attend Andrews game as he is the coach and I'll be cheering Alec on in his finals.

Katie called and said she was "sick".  Great...another worry.  Listening to her on the phone however, I felt better.  Sounds like allergies.  Not Pneumonia like I instantly assumed.  Mark was talking to her on the phone and explaining meds, throwing out words like Diphenhydramine, Loratadine, and Dextromethorphan and I could almost see her eyes going wide.  I got on and told her vitamins and juice and rest and less going out and no smoking and in general "mom" stuff.  She sounds good.  I think it odd that lately I've been thinking of her and missing her and yesterday afternoon I sent an order for flowers to be delivered tomorrow to her at her place of work...Chuck E Cheese...(I sent them online and I'm nervous is she got them)  I didn't tell her I sent them.  Hope she had a fun surprise.

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phx said...

Aw. You are a great mom! And I wanted to say thanks for all the times I've come to your site and had a great belly laugh. :)