July 11, 2008

It's Friday Already?!

Hell...it's Friday.  Friday night to be exact.  Time flies when you are havin' fun.

The day started with me opening the door to the garage and almost stepping on an inert body.  Not human...animal.  Pickles the Queen cat rushed in past my legs yowling with pleasure.  She'd left another "present" for us.  I looked a bit and then quickly made my escape.  I couldn't face it.  Not today.  I later chickened out and called home leaving messages on the boys phones.  "Please pick up the dead animal and give it a proper burial...aka throw the fuckin' thing OUT AND HURRY!!!"  Mark later told me the animal was a baby possum.


You all KNOW how I like possums.

I did get my "new boy in town haircut and dye job" today.  THANK YOU CINDY!   I also drank Bacardi Silver Mojito which I pronounce MOGEETO... like a hick.  who cares   AND we drank a Bacardi Silver Raz.  I prefer MOFOGEETO myself.  Cindy did my hair and then we swam in my Aunt's pool.  Well, we held our drinks and floated after I skimmed off the June bugs.


people...drinks, hair dye and water...joyyyy.

Later that same day...like an hour later when I got home.  The guy came over to work on our sprinklers and waaa laaaaa  he says, "Hey, go check out that brown bag in my pickup and bring it here!"  So, of course I did and it was Clamato Beer.  Ice Cold.  HELL YAH!  My day baybe.  We guzzled on our deck and discussed life, death, church, raising kids, sex and food.  It was good.  It was very good.

Now...I'm TIRED.  I can't figure out why...

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