July 26, 2008

Sleep Deprived

City Wide garage sale day.


Yet, in a way, it will be.  I will be at the shop making scones and coffee and frappuccino's and other people will be running my garage sale.  I'm sure fun will be had by all....hahahahahaha.  Everyone came to set it up last night.  LB Fart brought a cooler with many beers and that was nice.  During the "set up" though, we noticed something.  It looked stormy.  On the weather radar a large green blob with a red center appeared to be swirling it's way right toward our county.  


After some debate we therefore moved all 3,498 tables of  crap  treasures into our filthy dirty stinking sty of a garage.  You couldn't put a hair between the tables so we will, I mean someone will have to move all those items outside in the early wee am.  

As I said, I have to go to work.  Shame.

So...I went to bed around 12:30 and Pissin' Petie woke me at lovely 2:30 am with a gentle WUUUUUFFFFFF.


I grimaced at the window and peered outside expecting to see a turd floating rainstorm.


WHAT?!!  Nothing?!  Nothing!?  Yah...nothing.  

We moved the tables inside for nothing.

hells bells

Now, I've been awake since then, looking at the radar which still shows the same swirling green and red blob.  hmmmmm  it's 4am and my alarm will be going off in 1/2 hour.  

Now what.

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