July 21, 2008

You Are the Ducks Nuts!

Speaking of nuts...our trip in a nutshell:

We are back from a whirlwind 48 hour trip to Omaha to see daughter Katie, Mark's sister Kathie (one of the famous "Moonspinners" and her husband Dan of the infamous "Jacks" band, and Teresa...aka Mo T, a variety of nieces and nephews including but not limited to Carly "Bun Crust", Ashley "Lil Mo T", Nick "Ice Man", and Tom "Guitar Hero" for realZ and we had a sort of Mini Reunion.

 We cooked out and sipped a Bacardi Silver Mojito.  

We saw and saved a den of baby bunnies from the hungry dog Zeke.

 We learned some new words from the Urban Dictionary and did a little shopping for a tongue ring and a pair of pants.  Not for me.  

Saw a good show on Panini Sandwiches featuring some ideas that I may incorporate into my shop.  I'm stealing those ideas.....yesssss.....I am...he he he

Alec went with us and we took...ahem....THE BUG.  Yes, a 4 ish hour long trip with two long legged guys and me...short, fat and shoved into the back...it was suweet.

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