August 30, 2008

Tips I Should Followww...???

Okay, I randomly found this site when I was searching for "How do you properly fold a fitted sheet?".  It was titled "How do you decorate a master bedroom?"...check it out

Tips & Warnings

  • Put fresh flowers and a framed picture on your nightstand.

  • Keep your room simple by putting up fewer pictures. If you have too many, consider rotating them every six months, so you can enjoy all your artwork.

  • Lighter colors will make the room look more spacious.

  • Keep out only a few decorative items such as candles, framed photos and pottery on top of dressers and chests. Again, less is more.

Okay...the only fresh flower I put on my nightstand are...fruit rollups...does that count as flowers?  the only framed picture I have in my  bedroom is this poster of 2 ducks in bed in a corner, she reading a book, he reading the sports page and the title is LIVING TOGETHER.   As far as rotating artwork, uhhhh yahhhh.  Sometimes I change the sheets.  ha ha

As far as less is more...HA HA HA...YOU Know it...I mean...bedroom...less is do the math!

hahahaahhahahaha   I crack myself up!

August 26, 2008

Sunflowers In My Yard...make me happyyyy

I know they are a weed but I like and plant sunflowers every year.  These giant ones have actually gotten a little out of hand but they make a great privacy fence.  I also love the fact that the birds eat the seeds.  I don't love that they then shit on my car, my clothes line and whatever else is below them but hey, you can't have everything.

by the way...remember what I said about Katie wanting to work?

Never mind.

I "totally misunderstood her", she meant, she "wants to take business courses".


I don't know.  I worry too much.  OR I might just be losing my mind...grin


August 23, 2008

Bitching About College, Kids, and yah

Just got back from Omaha.  I took my mom and we went to see daughter Katie.  We shopped, ate, squabbled about college and work and money and health and in general, everything...and then, Mom and I came home.  Katie doesn't know what she wants to "be" for sure.  She wants to work with children, as of now, and she continues to love working at Chuck E Cheese.  She said something about working in a daycare and I almost choked and wanted to slit my wrists.  I guess I am a snob after all.  I cant believe her.  I can't believe that is what she really wants to do with her life.  She claims not to "care about money".  But that is the claim of someone who has not had to struggle with finances.  We have made it too easy for her.  I have to think back to when I was getting ready to graduate high school and remember how my Dad did not want me to go to college.  He said if everyone went to college who would do the work?  I wanted to go of course.  Although I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do my first year either.   By the second year I went to nursing school and obtained a useful degree.  However, I am not using it now.  Instead I am working as a business owner.  I did use my degree to pay off loans and bills and cars and etc.  I did use my RN for 15 years.  Katie, doesn't seem to want to go to college.  It's so strange.  Mark and I both went to college and just "assumed" our kids would want to.  Why wouldn't they?  Well, I guess it's another case of whatever we want or say...she wants to do the opposite...sigh.  There is nothing wrong with working instead of college I guess.  I just feel like she is wasting her God given talents.  She is SO smart and her memory is phenomenal.  She is a math wizard and Science is so easy for her.  She has so many talents and abilities and she doesn't want to use them.  It makes me feel like shit.  I did try come to terms with it, at least somewhat, today.  I talked with Mark and we need to talk to Katie.  Explain about the money we have been pumping into her school fund and the fact that she can't make it without our help in that low paying job she adores.  We have been through so much with her this last year that I know it has taken years off my life.  In reality we only want her to be happy, loved and a productive and useful person in this world.  Is that too much to ask?  She needs to do a budget and figure out what she actually is able to pay for on the money she makes.  Then she can get back to us and tell us she's ready to quit college and make it as a manager for Chuck E Cheese...sigh

August 17, 2008

New Olympic Sport

I would like to see SUMO RIBBON DANCING as a new Oympic sport.  In fact, I may be a contender for GOLD.

August 13, 2008


Like my nails?

I don't.  I pasted them on last night and I'm a cripple.

[caption id="attachment_1574" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Fingernail Hell"]Fingernail Hell[/caption]

But hair looks almost as bad.

I may just open my own freak show and charge a quarter a peep.   Maybe I'll get my own freak trailer and travel in freak style from one county carnival to another.  I'll eat caramel corn and hot dogs and dirty pretzels.  I'll keep a herd of dusty stuffed animals and a goldfish bowl beside my rattly bed.  I'll dye my hair red and let my teeth turn brown from bad coffee and too much time between brushings.  Maybe I'll get a poster of my own with my freakish self on it and it will be plastered around towns, on telephone poles and in supermarkets.  People might come from miles and miles away to see the freak show.  But you got it made.  I just gave you a free ticket...on the house.

August 09, 2008

Mid Season post

...sometimes I can feel myself drifting into what might be called a mid life crisis only it doesn't feel so dramatic as the word "crisis" implies.  It just feels...lonesome...empty...dull...useless.  I can see the days as they number on and on and I don't find myself changing anything, helping anyone, or doing anything to make a difference anymore.  My kids are growing up and they don't seem to need me for anything.  My nursing career used to make me feel at least somewhat useful to others.  And...there you have the title to my blog...mid season...blahg.

August 08, 2008

Read This Book & Stuff

Just finished Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.  As always I love her characters and the book stays open and available for me to read every spare second I have.  Heartbreaking scenario.  Really.  Read it.  I think it should be on the reading list for teens too.  Maybe.  You'll see what I mean after you go get it.

Our next big event at the coffee shop is COWBOY DAYS the last week of August.  Yippee Kii Yii ayyyyy!  We will have a Cowboy poet on Saturday the 30th, Jack Ostergard and a HOBO SUPPER and Mark's in a band and they are going to play too!  We will have drink specials on "brown gargle" and "cowboy coffee"  and "rattlesnake venum" and "Black Bart's Buzz" and who knows what all....served in clear boots with a tiny little saying on the heel that says, I Got The BOOT at Shirley K's!  You never know what you might get there!

August 04, 2008

Key Lime Chicken At Shirley K's

I tried a sauce recipe from the cookbook Andrew brought me from the Bahamas.  We used the tangy lime mayo for our grilled mesquite chicken breast panini today.  The sandwich also had roasted red peppers and Pepper jack cheese which we served on grilled foccacia bread.  Delicious.  The sauce was, mayo, Roses Lime and a few spices.  Creamy with a bite!  Only thing I would change would be to add a bit of red onion.  yummy.