August 30, 2008

Tips I Should Followww...???

Okay, I randomly found this site when I was searching for "How do you properly fold a fitted sheet?".  It was titled "How do you decorate a master bedroom?"...check it out

Tips & Warnings

  • Put fresh flowers and a framed picture on your nightstand.

  • Keep your room simple by putting up fewer pictures. If you have too many, consider rotating them every six months, so you can enjoy all your artwork.

  • Lighter colors will make the room look more spacious.

  • Keep out only a few decorative items such as candles, framed photos and pottery on top of dressers and chests. Again, less is more.

Okay...the only fresh flower I put on my nightstand are...fruit rollups...does that count as flowers?  the only framed picture I have in my  bedroom is this poster of 2 ducks in bed in a corner, she reading a book, he reading the sports page and the title is LIVING TOGETHER.   As far as rotating artwork, uhhhh yahhhh.  Sometimes I change the sheets.  ha ha

As far as less is more...HA HA HA...YOU Know it...I mean...bedroom...less is do the math!

hahahaahhahahaha   I crack myself up!

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