September 22, 2008

ACL Again

Many things have happened since last I posted. The main event is that my oldest son, a junior, blew out his knee in a football game. This makes his second ACL surgery. Now he will have had one to each knee. We JUST got done rehabbing the other one. He missed all last year sports because of his injury and now...this. I can't tell you how I HATE IT for him. I wish it was me. He wasn't chop blocked this time. It was a foot plant knee twist cut that did it this time. He can walk on it with his brace on. Surgery is in one week. Rehab is then predicted to last 6-9 months. Last year he completed it in 4.5 months. He is strong and determined. I hope he will remain in good spirits. Our football team is quite good this year. It's difficult because his younger brother is also on the team. He is doing a good job but misses having his older brother to look up to. They got to play side by side in games sometimes and one time I heard the announcer say, "Taken down by the McCurdy brothers!" and that was cool. No more this year. sigh We've all been pretty blue for our boy. So far he has had to sit through one game and tomorrow there is another and Friday is homecoming game and then...his surgery. Right now he isn't hurting so it's not as easy to take the "bench". I imagine after the sugery he will be glad to sit with his knee up. I dread it for him.


surgetheblog said...

Sorry to hear that, as someone who has also torn both his ACL's (Senior Year HS, Soph. College) tell him to keep his head up!

phx said...

poor guy. he sounds like quite a trooper, though!

p.s. new addy. :)