September 27, 2008

Blogliness Declining

I have so many things I want to write about but I don't seem to be able to make time to do it. I also think, "Why bother?". I seem to be losing my "blogliness". Nothing seems interesting enough. My life is in a mid season slump. I go back and read what I was doing 4 years ago and I laugh. Yes, things seem to slowly decline. Everything seems to sag, bag and lag. No "thing" in particular is worthy enough of printed words. Sure, years ago writing about pockets in underwear seemed dramatic and just seems stupid, ramdom and lame.
One time in September I wrote this:
"Simple Pleasures
September 14, 2006
I poked myself in the eye today with a straw.
While driving.
I did not require medical assistance.
Just soap in my mouth.
As you all know I had to get a new fridge cuz mine broke on Friday.
Yesterday, Alec said fondly as he patted the old broken fridge, “I’m going to miss you”, and he sighed touching the old ragged smiley faced stickers he had plastered on the front door when he was in Kindergarden.
I took Alec to the orthodontist yesterday. When we were back in town he asked me to swing by home so that he could “Meet the new fridge” which was delivered earlier.
He likes it.
It holds food and drinks.
Life is good."
And then there was the post about "fart sacks"...Crossing My Fingers, Taking Tums and Heading For The Fart Sack
September 28, 2005 by poniday | Edit
You don’t think Nacho Cheese Doritos, jelly beans (only black and orange…how Cambridge Trojanistic can I get?), Runza fries, diet Mt. Dew, leftover Chinese food and 1 bottle of BAWLS will make me dream do you?
Nahhhhhh... sigh
Now my life is boring...sigh. I am reduced to repeating stuff and posting pictures and I can just bet you that hot flashes are around the looming corner.


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