September 29, 2008

Knee's and Stones

Just one year and two days after his right knee ACL repair we are back from Andrew's Left knee ACL surgery and all is well. As well as can be if you are a 17 year old junior facing for the second time, 6 - 9 months of rehab, another year without football, maybe missing wrestling and track on the back burner as well. Hi is doing okay. The months of rehab may be trying. I hope he can do as well as last year. I feel badly for him as he has to face this hurdle yet again. Our long term goal is ultimately healthy knees for his future. High school sports are just that...high school sports. Unfortunately in most small town schools there is so much focus on sports that it leads people to believe that there is nothing else in life. We hope we have taught Andrew that there is indeed more to life than that. Right now he is in the recliner with Petie by his side, his knee elevated and his K cooler pumping icy water around his heavily wrapped leg. Hi is on pain meds and slightly stoned. I feel like I've been "stoned" by the granite kind. Hope I can nap sometime before bedtime...ha ha.

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