September 11, 2008

Strange Fruits

I've got a peach tree in my front yard. We planted it under the impression that it was a blooming crab tree several years ago. We were mildy surprised when it produced strange fruit its second year. Not at all crab like, more like, mutant peaches. This year, it's about a 4 year old tree now and when I went outside last night I saw mounds of mutant peaches on the ground AND in the tree. I picked up several, took them inside, washed them, closed my eyes because the fruit was sporting random phallic parts and bit into one. Peachy, although this side of ripe. The fruits have grooves, notches, mounds and peckers or noses...depends on how you hold them. I hope I can save some from bugs and horndogs so I can make peaches and cream one day soon...and no I did not say make peaches cream.
Peaches are sexy though aren't they...just not the ones on my lawn. My "lawn peaches" look like well hung garden gnomes and if that isn't an oxymoron I don't know what is. I'll post pictures later.

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