October 15, 2008

Diet Crazed but Wearing Killer Shoes

I have been buying books & shoes both of which I cannot live without, working out on my elliptical machine & trying to diet both of which I would love to live without, & working on my coffee shop web page which I love to do.  Also, I've painted my bathroom "Topaz" which is, in a word, serene.  I think I will leave off any border or shelves and pictures and other crap that might disrupt me from achieving perfect zen like harmony upon entering the bathing room.  Hell, I might relax so much I drown.

Topaz...it doesn't even sound serene.  Sounds like something stupid, spazzy, loud, iritating, toe jammy stinky, yellow foul pus looking even.  But no...it is light coool sea "ish" green "ish" blue "ish".  I love it.  I want to paint everything this color.   Maybe I will too.

Tomorrow, Bitch Posse Rides...! Ole'!  Mostly I like to go afterwards...after the volleyball...to the bowling alley and drink beers and make fun of the guys in matching shirts as they throw their balls down the lanes.  We cheer but inside we are jeering...hee hee hee.  I mean, matching shirts?  Would they wear matching shirts with their wives?  ha!  I don't think so.  Male bonding...blegh

And so...like I said, I'm on a diet...hahahahahaahah  but really now, I am trying.  There are three of us who are weighing in on Fridays at the shop.  When I did my first weight I almost shit myself.  I thought, WHO IS THIS FAT FAT FAT FAT BITCH ON THIS SCALE AND HOW DID SHE GET INTO MY BODY!!!!  I HATE HER!  I still do actually but I know I must try.  I have printed up 8 by 11 signs that say, "YOU CAN DO IT!" and taped them up all over my house.  Mainly, the fridge and pantry.  Eye level.  YOU CAN DO IT!  If only I could put an electric shock on the handles.  sigh    I    Hate    Dieting but not as much as I HATE THAT FAT BITCH ON THE SCALE!!!!!!!

I gotta go...got a pain behind my eye...wonder why...

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