October 10, 2008

Goodbye CNN Hello Local News

Who does the world turn to for world news?  Of course, CNN.  "Oh don't panic" they say.  "Remain calm don't sell off everything will soon be okay." and then?  They pan to a shot of the Dow with the red arrow and rapidly spinning numbers.  They report wild eyed about collapse and spreading world market collapse.  Almost every interview, every story captioned in fire engine red with "Breaking News" with the very words that cause the public to panic.  WAKE UP CNN.  DON'T YOU GET IT....YOU ARE WORLD NEWS...PEOPLE BELIEVE YOU.  FIX IT...or quit trying to spread the panic.  What is the real agenda here...

ps...I am NOT under a Dr care for Paranoa...I'm just an average Jo Schmoe at the coffee shop.  Maybe it's time to turn on the local news about the local bake sale, the lost kitten saved by my neighbor, the fireman/farmer/football coach, the local high school volleyball/football/cross country team, and turn off WORLD NEWS LEADER CNN.

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