October 20, 2008

My Blog Is Older than Your Blog

...I was looking at my archives and HOLY CRAP...my blog it old.  Started in Sept. 2002 and this is a repost of Oct 21st 2002.

The Joy Of…yah

After shaving the callouses off of my feet and popping a few extra mutating blackheads I settled in with a nice steaming toddy, put my feet up, got a good book to read and enjoyed myself. Afterwards I tucked my sleepy children in and as I kissed them tenderly they smiled up at me and said sweetly," Luv ya mom!"


Well…the callous part is true.

Maybe I do have mutating blackheads…or MAYBE my pores are just big.

Need to check into that sometime.

Like when I care.

I love going to work though.

THAT is something.


I did kiss my children…those that still allow that kind of thing without grimacing at my touch, and those that weren’t mad at me.

That means…well, Alec was alright with it.

Katie mumbled and pretended she was alseep…and them remembered she needed money for something and made a request.

Andrew tried to duck away…but I caught him anyway.

He wiped it off firecly while growling…MoOm!

Mark (who was pretending to be busy at the “tucking them in time) waited until I walked by him then grabbed my ass.


I feel asleep on the couch and awoke with to the scent of a dogs ass facing me.

bastard Petey

He ate the cat food again and was suffering from shitmahpants gas. Gah

I shouted To The Kennel!

and I was away to my own bed.

Where I slept like a damn rock until my alarm went off.

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