October 19, 2008

Nuts & Beers

I baked rosemary garlic foccacia bread for the shop and spent the rest of the day working on my menus.  They needed revamped.  I added a few things which will irritate the cooks ...including me when I need to help out and can't remember what the hell I added.  The bread is tasty but didn't turn out as well as last Sunday.  There wasn't as much humidity in the air as last week.  That seems to aid the rise. Still..there is nothing quite like the smell of bread baking.  I love it.  I  made croutons from the ends that I got from the flat bread after I trimmed them and they are yummy.  I could make a meal off of croutons.  

Last night Mark and I went to Tobi's house for a beer fest and late house warming partay. We warmed well.  Poor Tobes...there was at least 50 kids under the age of 8 there and they were busy at all times.  I smiled and laughed and drank beers.  When Mark and I got home our boys were waiting up for us in the living room...hahahahahahahahahahaah.  This is bad but I was seriously toasty and don't really remember talking much or what time it was or...yahh.  geeze  I hate that.  I didn't feel bad today but I am tired.  I worked out and burned a few calories up. Unfortunately I just ate a huge bowl of grape nuts and a leftover wrap that I'd made for the boys and they obviously didn't like little shits.  Now...I'm ready for bed.

Aren't you glad you tuned in for this exciting story?!

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