November 30, 2008

The Good The Bad The Real Bad

The Good:

Hi all.  Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.  Mine was very good.  Katie and Steven came home and it was so good to see them.  Katie is good, happy and I glimpsed the girl I knew "bc" before college.  I cannot but hope though, that she returns to her studies.  What parent wants their child to work for minimum wage for their entire life.  I believe in good hard work but I also believe that you can should want to better your position and earn the right for more compensation. was good times.  We played SCRABBLE every night and that was fun even though I super suck-ed.  I am addicted to WORD SCRAMBLE on facebook.  I wish I could play it online but not on facebook but I haven't found it yet.  If you know of a link where it is please post it so I could check it out.  

The Bad:  

The shop has been closed since Thanksgiving as I always decorate and put out my Christmas retail.  It is and always has been a BITCH of a job.  Usually takes me 2-3 days of 24/7 elbow grease to complete and this is going to be no exception.  I wish Katie could have stayed and helped me.  The boys have helped a teeny tiny bit.  Mom always helps me.  Without someone to lift it is difficult to get everything done.  Takes longer.  So far...I haven't even decorated...just moved out TOO MUCH FREAKING RETAIL...OMG remind me...don't order anything ever again.  God what a mess what a freaking mess what a truly and utterly mind blowing body straining freaking MESSSSSS!!! I got that off my chest.  Today, in fact I should go soon, I must clean up and decorate the front.  I've moved everything around and need to get some peg board pegs....MENTAL NOTE TO SELF...must hang lights and then I must "un decorate" the pharmacy and then "re decorate" the "LEDGE" .  There is a large ledge above and behind the pharmacy and we always decorate it for the holidays.  When I say "we" I mean me.  

The Real Bad:  

AGHHHHHhhhhhh....must go.

November 24, 2008

Ode To Brian and Michael and Piss Off To Remakes!

A night for watching old movies and wishing to eat sick buttered popcorn with salt and cheese and drinking beer until I buzz, my faithful dog Petey by my side.  

aah well

at least Petey is here...and "Brian's Song" is on.  Sadly, the popcorn is on the back burner not because I don't have it because the damn hulls get behind my bridge and oh yeah...I'M ON A FREAKING DIET!!!  and I'M AT A PLATEAU!  My son explained this to me and that I needed to "up my exercise" and "take in less calories" as I rolled my eyes and  muttered things like "shut up" and "thank you Mr. Know It All" and "Bite Me!".  

Of course, the movie is a remake.  I can't believe they even thought they had to remake Brian's Song.  I did learn something tonight.  Brian's buddy Gale was from Omaha Central, Nebraska.  


I liked the "real" movie better.  Remakes generally suck.

Mark is doing well.  He had a right inguinal hernia repair on Thursday and is recovering well.  It will be a long road I think.  Mark seems to think he can go to work tomorrow.   I hate to think of it.  He has 14 staples across his groin.  And has to walk holding his crotch like Michael Jackson.  All he needs to do is shriek and do a moon walk.  I bet he lasts 2 hours at the most...and that is 2 hours too many in my opinion.  

Anyway, I need to go to bed.

November 20, 2008

Parenting Blues

I can't get over the fact that our daughter told us she didn't want to go back to college this last weekend.  She is a sophomore.  She is studying El Ed I believe.  If, in fact, she is even going to classes.  Last year she studied Sports Medicine, became disillusioned with that, changed to El Ed and now this.   She just want to work at Chuckie Cheese.  I asked her, "For the rest of your life?".  To which she replied, "Right now at least!".  



I just can't get over what a waste of her brain.  god, I just think her talents would be soRaising  much better used elsewhere.  I know she is a hard worker.  She has always been able to work her ass off and function.  But I absolutely hate to see her give up a chance at a career for this.  Plus the fact she is a manager and makes CRAP for wages and just, stays there.

I don't know what Mark and I did wrong.  We seem to have done something to alienate her, push her away, make her want nothing like the life we tried to give her.  

nothing from us

She says

We have been helping her with rent, phone etc.  Now that will stop.  She wants to do it on her own.  And she will be.   I hope she can make enough to pay her bills.    Now that she will no longer be a student we will have to get her another health insurance policy.  shit



If we left that up to her she probably wouldn't get any.  Also, she has a high risk auto insurance and we will pay that because she probably would go without.  Other than that...she's gonna do it.  Her student loans will come due if she is out of add that onto the pile.  

She moved in with her boyfriend, whom I like very much.  The apartment is safe, warm, small and cute.  I am pleased she is there and not the edge of the ghetto where she was.  

pleased with the safety issue at least.

One only wants their child to be safe, warm, happy and productive.  I worry about the productive part now.  


and I wonder if she thinks or cares about us at all...

November 13, 2008

Beer Babble

Weigh in is tomorrow but I'm sitting here, watching BIG MEDICINE, and drinking beer.  I did great today.  Ate salad, worked out hard but it comes down to this.  I like to eat snacks and drink a beer at night.  I haven't eaten anything bad tonight but I'm sure not drinking a light beer...or for that matter...water.  I cannot even control myself when watching BIG MEDICINE.  You think that would inspire me.  I'm actually watching a surgery on a woman that weights 529 pounds.  He stomach cavity is covered in yellow fat.  sick  GOD I MISS WORKING IN SURGERY!!!  I love wounds and surgery and you all know that.  I really miss the "nurse" part of my life.  

I guess we are going to Omaha to watch our Trojan girls play in the State Volleyball Tournament.  They won today and play tomorrow night.  If they win that game they are in the championship.  They are talented and should do well.  The boys are already up there.  We will see Katie and help her move some stuff out of her old apartment into her boyfriends.  Yes...she is going to be living with him.  I really like him and I like the fact that his neighborhood is much safer than where she was living.  He seems very nice, and too quiet.  When Katie was just a little tiny girl, 2 months old, she whistled.  She babbled and sang and talked to herself very early.   She entertained herself so very easily.  We called her the "Singing Bush" because she babbled non stop, just like the "singing bush" in " THE THREE AMIGOS!".  

 I wonder about her quiet boyfriend.  She says he gabs a lot once you get to know him.  They will be coming back for Thanksgiving and I'm excited.  I hope we get a chance to visit a little.  I miss my girl.

sigh...getting sentimental.  mental  lonely for my kids.

November 09, 2008


I had to "utilize the facilities" at my Moms house last night. What a pleasant strange surprise.

Newsflash...someone makes toliet paper to thick you could use it for a sheet on a bed.  No Sheet!  I almost thought I'd grabbed a bath towel.  I even felt guilty flushing.  Seemed like toilet paper that thick and comfy should be able to go through the wash cycle.   Maybe even tumble and dry.

now...I'm tired.  Must go to bed.  pull up the sheets and...yawnnnnn......night

November 06, 2008

Football Over

Lucy pulled the football away from Charlie Brown last night.  By that I mean our boys lost in district play and will not be going to State playoffs.  We won our first district game last week and last night played a team we beat on our first game of the year.  Sadly, it just wasn't meant to be and we lost 28-6.  The weather was horrific:  cold, 40 mph winds, moist, did I mention COLD!  We were playing at the opponents field.  Ironically...NOT...the wind was blowing directly into our faces.  We were unable to move the ball in any way.   Andrew was allowed to "suit up" for the game even though it has been only 6 weeks since his surgery and of course would not be allowed to play.  I thought that was nice they let him suit up.  Even though, me, his mom, was unaware he was suiting up.  I kept looking and looking and looking for him.  I even wondered...did he miss the bus?  Where in the hell is that kid?  Finally, I saw two legs and two braces on those two legs, peeping out from under one of the large all weather coats the team dons in rain etc.  ANDREW!!  Found.   I wish I could have gotten a picture of him and Alec together in their uniforms.  I had no camera though.  

Now, it's on to wrestling.  Andrew is not cleared for any activities until January.  You cannot even tell he had surgery 6 weeks ago.  He walks normally and never complains of pain or aches.  It will be hard for him to wait.  But, the graft is very friable at this time and could be easily torn if he doesn't have patience.  Pray for patience for him and us.  It could be a long season.

This morning I felt strangely good.  Strangely fresh and happy.  Happier than I'd been in a long time.  I don't know why.  

Now...I feel blue.  Blue and stupid and crappy.  

I almost crave a big blue long  depression.  NO not Big Blue Long...something else.  ha ha  no thanks.

I wish I could stay home tomorrow and lay on the couch and watch TV and have someone bring me 7-up and orange juice and make me beef and noodles.  I wish I would get a present, flowers, something out of the ordinary.  I just want to stay home and brood and stay in my pajamas all day.  


I spose I won't...but it's tempting.

November 02, 2008

Itchy, Bitchy & Tired's not the name of the three dwarves little people on the new Cinderella disney cartoon. It's me. I know you are surprised about the "bitchy" part.'s twue! I worked at the shop. Got my Christmyass merchandise out and marked it and put away the Halloween "leftovers". Then I went out and mowed at Moms. The leaves and dirt were dry and flying around. But at least it smelled Fall. I needed some outdoor time too. But, now I'm tired and must shower. goodnight