November 13, 2008

Beer Babble

Weigh in is tomorrow but I'm sitting here, watching BIG MEDICINE, and drinking beer.  I did great today.  Ate salad, worked out hard but it comes down to this.  I like to eat snacks and drink a beer at night.  I haven't eaten anything bad tonight but I'm sure not drinking a light beer...or for that matter...water.  I cannot even control myself when watching BIG MEDICINE.  You think that would inspire me.  I'm actually watching a surgery on a woman that weights 529 pounds.  He stomach cavity is covered in yellow fat.  sick  GOD I MISS WORKING IN SURGERY!!!  I love wounds and surgery and you all know that.  I really miss the "nurse" part of my life.  

I guess we are going to Omaha to watch our Trojan girls play in the State Volleyball Tournament.  They won today and play tomorrow night.  If they win that game they are in the championship.  They are talented and should do well.  The boys are already up there.  We will see Katie and help her move some stuff out of her old apartment into her boyfriends.  Yes...she is going to be living with him.  I really like him and I like the fact that his neighborhood is much safer than where she was living.  He seems very nice, and too quiet.  When Katie was just a little tiny girl, 2 months old, she whistled.  She babbled and sang and talked to herself very early.   She entertained herself so very easily.  We called her the "Singing Bush" because she babbled non stop, just like the "singing bush" in " THE THREE AMIGOS!".  

 I wonder about her quiet boyfriend.  She says he gabs a lot once you get to know him.  They will be coming back for Thanksgiving and I'm excited.  I hope we get a chance to visit a little.  I miss my girl.

sigh...getting sentimental.  mental  lonely for my kids.

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